Details for The Iowa Tribal Police Department is

The Iowa Tribal Police Department is currently accepting
applications for the position of Patrol Officer.
Law Enforcement Certification preferred but not mandatory.
Upon Hiring Officer must obtain Kansas and Nebraska Certifications.
Interested applicants must meet the following criteria;
1. 21 +years old          6. Good moral and ethical character
2. High School Diploma      7. Free of any physical or mental conditions
3. US Citizen          which may adversely affect performance
4. Valid drivers license      8. Must pass a background check and
and driving record      drug screen
5. No criminal record,      9. Must pass physical and psychological exam
diversions, or expungements

Competitive wages. Benefits offered: vacation, sick leave, holiday pay, health insurance, and optional retirement plan.
For applications call 785-595-6669 or pick up at 3313 Thrasher Road White Cloud, KS 66094. Previous applicants must re-apply. Native American Preference is given in the hiring process.
This position is open until filled.