With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, brothers Joe and Louis Wenger founded Wenger Mixing Company in Sabetha in 1935. The company has since grown from its beginning as a local manufacturer of mixers and feed milling machinery to its role today as the world’s leading supplier of extrusion processing systems for pet foods, aquatic feeds, and numerous human food products.

As well as having world class manufacturing facilities, Wenger’s renowned Technical Center hosts visitors from around the globe to view demonstrations, attend training seminars or conduct research and development to determine the feasibility of new products.

Expansion of the group in recent years includes the creation of Corporate Project Services (CPS) a division of Wenger that is specifically geared to aid clients with conceptual evaluations, product development, and process feasibility and design. Additionally, Denmark-based Source Technology A/S, the leader of inline sampling and analysis systems used in food and feed manufacturing, was acquired by Wenger in 2012.

Wenger is also in the process of adding structural additions to its Sabetha headquarters. A new office building is being built for several departments and a newly redesigned and constructed conference center is located on Main Street, keeping the company even closer to its roots.

Wenger has been honored with numerous awards for manufacturing and the export of our goods over the years, and it is the commitment, craftsmanship, and dedication of our employees from Sabetha and the surrounding areas that play a significant part in such success. Wenger is fortunate to call northeast Kansas home, and as a family owned business, we are committed to remaining true to our heritage for generations to come.

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