Hiawatha swimmers competed Saturday at home against Seneca.


Medley Relay

8&under-3rd place, 3:17.36, Nola Boswell, Ali Krauter, Jenna Geisendorf

9&10-3rd place, 2:00.45, Annalise Erdley, Brylie Williams, Kora Twombly, Evanny Crawley

11&12-2nd place, 1:25.17, Dani Morton, Abby Elffner, Paige Mueller, Acacia Erdley

13&14-2nd place, 1:13.09, Emma Boswell, Sarah Madsen, Paige Stover, Abby Kettler

Individual Medley

9&10-4th place, 2:46.66, Saige Stover

11&12-4th place, 2:09.53, Paige Mueller

13&14-1st place, 1:26.53, Sarah Madsen

15&18-1st place, 1:17.84, Kate Madsen


9&10-2nd place, 24.87, Allera Roberts; 5th place, 28.75, Annalise Erdley

11&12-3rd place, 20.97, Dani Morton; 6th place, 24.48, Leah Kesler


8&under-1st place, 35.24, Ali Krauter; 4th place, 44.78, Nola Boswell

9&10-4th place, 37.63, Brylie Williams; 5th place, 37.78, Evanny Crawley; 6th place, 40.87, Saige Stover

11&12-1st place, 20.09, Abby Elffner; 5th place, 25.63, Paige Mueller; 6th place, 26.67, Acacia Erdley

13&14-1st place, 42.13, Abby Kettler; 2nd place, 42.33, Sarah Madsen; 3rd place, 47.81, Emma Boswell

15&18-1st place, 37.18, Kate Madsen


8&under-2nd place, 31.39, Ali Krauter

9&10-4th place, 31.79, Kora Twombly; 5th place, 39.48, Brylie Williams

11&12-2nd place, 20.15, Dani Morton; 3rd place, 22.93, Acacia Erdley

13&14-2nd place, 42.39, Emma Boswell; 3rd place, 46.78, Paige Stover


8&under-5th place, 28.50, Ali Krauter; 6th place, 36.93, Nola Boswell

9&10-6th place, 24.24, Allera Roberts

11&12-2nd place, 15.60, Abby Elffner; 5th place, 17.64, Dani Morton

13&14-2nd place, 33.00, Abby Kettler; 5th place, 36.93, Sarah Madsen; 6th place, 37.36, Emma Boswell

15&18-2nd place, 38.31, Ashlynn Henry

Extended Freestyle

8&under-2nd place, 2:08.89, Jenna Geisendorf

11&12-2nd place, 34.09, Abby Elffner; 3rd place, 46.54, Acacia Erdley

15&18-1st place, 1:11.55, Kate Madsen

Free Relay

8&under-2nd place, 2:31.66, Ali Krauter, Nola Boswell, Jenna Geisendorf

9&10-3rd place, 1:56.84, Evanny Crawley, Allera Roberts, Kora Twombly

11&12-3rd place, 1:31.18, Acacia Erdley, Leah Kessler, Paige Mueller, Dani Morton

13&14-2nd place, 1:03.74, Sarah Madsen, Paige, Stover, Emma Boswell, Abby Kettler


Medley Relay

8&under-1st place, 2:25.36, Caleb Heiniger, Leyton Moore, Asher Leahy, Quinton Mears

9&10-2nd place, 1:43.96, Ethan Morton, Alex Madsen, Lane Kesler; 5th place, 2:19.26, Eli Geisendorf, Karson Henry, Parker Hoffman, Rafe Schuetz

11&12-1st place, 1:16.54, Ethan Henry, Aden Geisendorf, Cameron Boswell, Kaden Morton

15&18-1st place, 1:03.66, Jack Rosa, Michael Abeita, Hunter Gamino, Ethan Pruitt

Individual Medley

8&under-1st place, 2:49.63, Asher Leahy

9&10-5th place, 2:46.81, Lane Kesler

11&12-2nd place, 1:39.24, Aden Geisendorf; 3rd place, 1:40.21, Cameron Boswell

13&14-1st place, 1:24.36, Jack Rosa

15&18-1st place, 1:19.45, Hunter Gamino


8&under-1st place, 29.27, Leyton Moore; 2nd place, 46.16, Caleb Heiniger

9&10-1st place, 21.31, Ethan Morton; 4th place, 31.75, Rafe Schuetz

11&12-4th place, 22.63, Ethan Henry

13&14-1st place, 1:15.27, Jack Rosa

15&18-1st place, 41.36, Ethan Pruitt


9&10-2nd place, 24.54, Alex Madsen; 4th place, 26.06, Ethan Morton

11&12-1st place, 19.18, Aden Geisendorf; 2nd place, 19.45, Kaden Morton; 3rd place, 19.99, Ethan Henry

15&18-1st place, 42.55, Michael Abeita


8&under-1st place, 33.93, Asher Leahy; 2nd place, 35.39, Caleb Heiniger

9&10-6th place, 36.21, Parker Hoffman

11&12-2nd place, 19.87, Cameron Boswell

15&18-1st place, 31.99, Hunter Gamino


8&under-1st place, 25.87, Leyton Moore; 2nd place, 27.75, Quinton Mears; 3rd place, 30.94, Caleb Heiniger

9&10-2nd place, 18.15, Ethan Morton

11&12-2nd place, 15.43, Kaden Morton; 3rd place, 16.99, Aden Geisendorf; 6th place, 18.60, Conner Kettler

15&18-1st place, 30.33, Ethan Pruitt; 2nd place, 30.57, Hunter Gamino

Extended Freestyle

8&under-1st place, 1:05.09, Leyton Moore; 2nd place, 1:15.18, Asher Leahy; 3rd place, 1:15.30, Quinton Mears

9&10-4th place, 49.63, Alex Madsen

11&12-2nd place, 35.45, Cameron Boswell; 3rd place, 37.21, Kaden Morton

13&14-1st place, 1:12.11, Jack Rosa

Free Relay

8&under-1st place, 2:09.24, Leyton Moore, Caleb Heiniger, Quinton Mears, Asher Leahy

9&10-2nd place, 1:22.00, Ethan Morton, Alex Madsen, Rafe Schuetz; 5th place, 2:04.33, Karson Henry, Parker Hoffman, Eli Geisendorf, Lane Kesler

11&12-2nd place, 1:09.88, Cameron Boswell, Abby Elffner, Conner Kettler; 3rd place, 1:10.66, Aden Geisendorf, Ethan Henry, Kaden Morton

15&18-1st place, 57.09, Ethan Pruitt, Jack Rosa, Michael Abeita, Hunter Gamino

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