The following are the Mt. Zion Rustlers Brown County Fair results. Watch in next week’s Hiawatha World for the final results, for the Willis All Stars.

Addy Kopp: peanut, blue; Ther’s Gold in Them There Hills-red; Tick Tock Ole Glory-red; Cottonwood Falls Courthouse-red; 12-23 mo. meat goat breeding-blue; commercial ewe lambs-purple Reserve Grand Breeding Ewe; Class #4 Market-Purple-Grand Champion Market Lamb; Class #5 Market-Purple; Jr. Showmanship-purple Reserve Grand Jr. Showman; pen of 8-purple; peach salsa-blue; guacamole-purple; homemade biscuits-purple; blondes-blue; Addy’s unlimited guide-purple; recipe file-purple; dried strawberries-purple; French bread-purple; white loaf-blue; speedy cinnamon rolls-purple; fish bowl-blue; clay bowl-blue; CNC sign-purple; tree skirt-blue; stacks quilt-purple; sewing basket-blue; how to be sew happy notebook-purple; crossback apron-purple; food preservation jr exhibitor award; sheep grand champion market lamb; sheep jr reserve champ showman; sheep reserve champion ewe; grand champion market lamb; clothing construction 12-14 champion; crops and weed judging third place.

Aden Geisendorf: light weight-red; jr. showmanship-blue; Sug’s Baby-red; cat tails-red; simmental heifer-purple Reserve Champion; CO2 car-blue; baseball bracelet-purple.

Alise Reschke: shorthorn plus steer-blue; Jr. showmanship-purple; tye dye shirt-purple; peppermint dramatherapy candle-blue; ginger cookies-purple; seasoned pretzel mix-purple; pumpkin muffins-purple; blue ribbon butter cake-purple; arts and crafts exhibitor award.

Allison Arment: pizza dip-blue; bacon and cheese dip-purple; peanut butter bars-red; furniture-blue; forest fire watercolor.

Annaliese Jeschke: red top and white skirt-purple; Sr. girls buymanship revue-blue; furniture-blue.

Annika Reschke: AOB heifer-purple Champion; shorthorn steer-purple champion; Jr. Showmanship-purple; R string art-blue; balloon wreath-purple; apple pie-blue; coffee cake-blue; snickerdoodles-purple; good bread every time white loaf-purple.

Asher Leahy: string art Kansas state shape-blue.

Avery Wist: halter 2yo and older-blue; walk and trot pleasure jr only-red; poles jr 13 and under-blue; flag race Jr 13 and under-red; barrels Jr. 13 and under-blue; standard breeds-lg. fowl-young-red; standard breeds-lg.fowl-young-purple; standard breeds-lg fowl-young-blue; standard breeds-lg. fowl-young-blue; standard breeds-Bantams-old-red; ducks-purple; ducks-red; geese-blue; Jr. showmanship; cheesy chex mix-purple; cherry pie-purple; chocolate chip cookies-purple; over 2 yr dairy goat-purple Champion Dairy; Jr. dairy showmanship-purple; Arctic Legos-purple; Darth Vader lamp-blue; Death Star model-red; light saber-purple; poultry champion waterfowl.

Ben Geisendorf: dog-blue; pinch pot-blue; Crayon B-purple; dinosaur keychain-blue; button art frog-purple; bluebird-purple; good flowers-red.

Brenna Ward: Int. girls buymanship revue-blue; mint chocolate cake-purple; ultimate chewy chocolate chip cookies-red; banana split cake-purple; food exhibitor award 12-14 YO; naptime-blue; lazy day-purple Reserve champion; nymphaea yellow water lily-purple; giraffe-red; bluejellyfish-purple; turtle-blue; 8th grade promotion dress-purple; decorated 7-13 food; reserve champion photograph; photography exhibitor award; photography judging contest.

Camden Thonen: chocolate chip cheesecake-purple; Martha Stewart’s mac and cheese-purple; blueberry breakfast cake-blue; dandelion-blue; snowy city hall-red; snowy day-red; O Christmas Tree-red; painted pumpkin pottery-purple; button art baseball-blue; photography judging contest.

Dayne Covert: Lego house/yard-purple.

Destiny Goodson: mini res-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-swhite; mini rex-red; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue BOB; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; white rex fur-purple; colored rex fur-red; epoxy serving tray-purple; under the sea fluid art-blue; rose string pull-blue; old tree painting-blue.

Eli Geisendorf: light weight-red; Jr showmanship-red; minecraft chess board-purple; clay cupcake-blue; Pokemon tic tac toe-blue; Eevee key chain-red; novice operated by remote control device-blue.

Elijah Joslin: costumed pet-purple; hand pets-purple; dog-blue; jr. boys buymanship revue-purple; edible starburst slime-blue; apple pie bites-blue; Jello candy melts-blue; dandelion-red; chameleon-red; button chameleon-purple; chameleon pot-purple; heart string art-blue; jr boys buymanship-purple; perennial-blue.

Emma Boswell: Guys before Fries-red; colorful clover-purple; be a FRIEND-blue; be bright-blue; earthquake cake-purple; Serious Mocha-Purple; grass-white; fly free-blue; mounty flowers-red; arts and crafts exhibitor award.

Faith Jeschke: Int. showmahship (10-13) dog-purple champion; pre-novice A-white; Level I-on leash only-rally-red; long road-blue.

Gabriel Joslin: costumed pet-purple; hand pets-blue; dog-purple; storage stool-blue; star string art-red; I love you sign-purple; boys buymanship-purple; Int. boys buymanship revue-blue; Oreo stuffed cookie-red; no bake avalanche cookies-purple; parrot-red; lamp and flag-white.

Grace Covert: sugar almonds 89x92 strip quilt-purple; blue clay coil pot-blue.

Henley Wilhelm: Holland lop-red; normal colored fur-red; Jr. showmanship-blue; zinnia-purple; fresh flower-purple; black eyed Susan-purple; favorite place-blue; favorite place setting-blue; caramels-blue; stop-red; waterfall-red; post-blue; outhouse-red; painted ceramic horse-blue; string art-purple; drawing-purple; fairy garden-blue; llama applique-blue; plant science exhibitor award; rabbit novice champion.

Jenna Geisendorf: simmental heifer-purple chamipion; 2nd yr bucket calf-blue; AOB steer-red; light weight-blue; Jr. showmanship-purple; dutch-blue BOB; normal colored fur-red; Jr. showmanship-red; button art-purple; tassles-blue; birdpot-blue; water bottle-purple; banana bites-purple; veggie roll ups-purple; chocolate crinkle cookies-purple; rice krispie-purple champion whole wheat loaf; club gift basket-purple; lily-red; Finn-red; rabbit novice champion.

Keithen Kopp: crops and weed judging 2nd place.

Kowan Kopp: crops and weed judging.

Lainey Lock: bucket calf 7-9 YO-blue; BC showmanship 7-12-purple; jewelry-purple; painted pottery-purple; annual-purple; annual-purple; annual-purple; 2-cut flowers-purple; floral arrangment-purple; perennial-purple; perennial-purple; banana bread-purple; wildlife-the perfect goose-red; wildlife float trip-purple.

Lyndyn Barnhart: suffolk ewe lamb-blue; suffolk yearling ewe-purple No. 1 champion suffolk; class #3 market-red; Class #5 market-blue; Jr. showmanship-blue; pen of 7-blue; cold travel-white; colorful sunset-white; arctic dogs-blue; dark dusk-red; furniture-blue.

Lane Kesler: Class #3 market-purple No. 2; Jr. Showmanship-blue; Devil’s food cake w/no bake fudge frosting-blue; rocketry-red; rocketry purple award.

Laura Lierz: 2nd Yr. bucket calf-purple

Leah Kesler: Class #2 Market-red; Class #4 Market-blue; Jr. showmanship-blue; quilt-blue; horse string art-blue; horse bean art-red; key lime pie-blue; oatmeal cranberry cookies-blue; chocolate chip cookies-blue; snickerdoodles-purple; sunset-red; After the Storm-red.

Levi Olson: medium vegetable-white; novice purch kit robot-blue.

Leyton Moore: bucket calf 7-9 YO-blue; BC showmanship 7-12; slime-blue; Lego monster truck-purple; sensory bottle-blue; tennis ball painting-purple.

Luke Jeschke: costumed pet-purple; novice purch kit robot-red; old tank-red; rocketry purple award.

Madison Goodson: mini rex-red; mini rex-blue; mini rex-red; mini rex-blue BOS; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-red; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; mini rex-blue; white rex fur-blue; colored rex fur-blue; Jr. showmanship-purple-Grand Champion; ribbon rose vase-purple; peacock feature pull-purple; fire and ice fluid art-purple; fluid art unicorn-purple; rabbit jr. champion showman.

Mason Ward: fresh blueberry pie-blue; German chocolate cake-purple-Champion nonperishable pie; white bread-blue; French bread-purple; palm tree-blue; wildlife duck-red; 4020-blue; School on a Hill-purple; other woodworking-blue.

Michael Finch: Class #3 market-blue; Jr. Showmanship-purple; chocolate chip cookie dough dip-purple; barn-red; rocketry baby Bertha-blue; sand art-blue; fish bean art-purple; rocketry purple award.

Nola Boswell: clover string art-blue; wooden name block-blue; cupcakes-purple; whoopie pies-purple; rainbow flowers-blue; pink flowers-blue; mocha-purple; Boswell rock-purple.

Owen Nioce: Class #5 market-blue; Jr. Showmanship-purple; sand art-blue; water color-blue; chocolate chip cookies-purple; shed-red; rocketry baby Bertha-blue; rocketry purple award.

Quinn Leahy: patriotic magnets-red; sand bottle (many colors)-blue.

Reid Reschke: dog-blue; bottle cap magnets-purple; tye dye 4th of July shirt-blue; chocolate chip cookies-purple; Rice crispy treats-purple; biscuits-purple.

Ryker Massey: standard breeds-Bantams-young-red; standard breeds-Bantams-young-red; Jr. Showmanship-blue; suffolk ewe lamb-purple; suffolk yearling ewe-blue; class 4 market-blue; class 4 market-blue; Jr. showmanship-purple; pen of 5-blue; buttons-purple; string art-blue; bird feeder-red; sunflower chip cookies-blue.

Sam Tollefson: Class 3 market-blue; Jr. showmanship-purple; sand art-blue; very hungry caterpillar-purple; snowman painting-purple; introductory entomology-blue; caterpillar-red; rocketry baby berth-red; snickerdoodles-purple; entomology exhibitor; rocketry purple award.

Sarah Jeschke: costumed pet-purple; button art-red; magnets-red; string art-blue.

Tori Wist: over 2 yr dairy goat-blue; Jr. dairy showmanship-purple Reserve Jr. show; 2 yrs and under meat goat breed-blue; Jr. meat goat showmanship-purple; standard breeds-bantams-young-blue; standard breeds-bantams-young-blue; standard breeds-bantams-young-red; standard breeds-bantams-young-blue; standard breeds-bantams-young-blue; ducks-blue; ducks-purple; geese-purple; Jr. showmanship-purple; bat stuffed animal-red; sewing bow-blue; apple pie-purple; mixed berry pie-red; peanut butter cookies-red; mocha cake-blue; whole wheat bread-blue; halter 2YO and older-blue; Jr. showmanship-white.

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