Details for Waterline Expansion Proj. #7326475

(Published in the Hiawatha World 9/25/20)



Bids for the Water Supply Expansion contract for construction will be received by Brown County RWD #2 at Brown County, Kansas, P.O. Box 126, Powhattan, KS 66527 until 2:00 pm on October 27, 2020, at which time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read. The Water Supply Improvements consist of the following contract:

Distribution Pipeline
Includes construction approximately 52 miles of 6-inch through 2-inch pipeline, hydrants, valves, road crossings, stream crossings, concrete master meter vaults, residential meter pits, seeding, electrical, gravel drives, radio read meters and appurtenances.

The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: Bartlett & West, Inc., 1200 SW Executive Dr., Topeka, KS 66615. Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents at the office of the Engineer, Bartlett & West, Inc., located at 1200 SW Executive Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66615, 888-200-6464. A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 will be required for each separate set of Drawings and Specifications. There will be no refund for this deposit.

Alternatively, digital copies of the bid documents are available at or Bidding documents may be downloaded for $20.00 by entering Quest project # 7326475 indicated above on the project search page. Please contact at (952) 233-1632 or for assistance with membership registration or questions regarding downloading of the bid package.

Bid security shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

All Bids must be filed in said office on or before the time herein set, on forms furnished by the Owner, and must be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope and plainly identified. Each Bid shall be
accompanied by a Bid Bond, certified check, cashier's check, or certified credit union share draft in a separate sealed envelope in an amount equal to five per cent (5%) of the total amount of the Bid. If Bid Bond is submitted, it must be on the form provided with the Contract Documents. The certified check, cashier's check, or certified credit union share draft shall be drawn on a bank in the state of the Owner, a bank chartered under the laws of the United States of America, or said certified share draft shall be drawn on a credit union in the state of the Owner, or chartered under the laws of the United States, and payable to the Treasurer of the Owner as security that if awarded a contract, the Bidder will enter into a contract at the prices Bid and furnish the required Performance and Payment Bonds in the amount of one hundred per cent (100%) of the Work and Certificate of Insurance. The certified check, cashier's check, or certified share draft may be cashed, or the Bid Bond forfeited, and the proceeds retained as liquidated damages if the Bidder fails to execute a contract or file
acceptable Performance and Payment Bonds or provide an acceptable Certificate of Insurance within fifteen (15) days after the acceptance of said Bid by resolution of the Owner. No Bidder may withdraw a Bid within sixty-one (61) days after the date set for opening Bid.

Contractor will be required to comply with the President’s Executive Order 11246 (Equal Employment Opportunity), as amended, which requires the Contractor to take steps to meet aggregate workforce goals of 5.7% for minority participation and 6.9% for female participation. Requirements for bidders and contractors under this order are explained in the specifications.

Bidders must fully comply with Subpart C of 2 CFR Part 180 and 2 CFR Part 1532, entitled Responsibilities of Participants Regarding Transactions. Contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers that appear on the Excluded Parties List System at are not eligible for award of any contracts funded by the KDHE State Revolving Fund programs.

All contracts and subcontracts exceeding $100,000, at any tier under a KPWSLF Loan Agreement shall comply with the Anti-Lobbying Act, Section 319 of Public Law 101-121, and file an Anti-Lobbying Certification form, and the Disclosure of Lobbying Activities form, if required, to the next tier above.

KPWSLF Loans prohibit the use of these funds unless all iron and steel products are produced in the United States. All iron and steel manufacturing processes must take place in the United States, except for metallurgical processes involving refinement of steel additives. No unauthorized use of foreign iron, and steel products will be allowed on this project. Refer to the American Iron and Steel guidance documents on the EPA website at guidance-and-questions-and-answers for more information.

Bidders on this work will be required to comply with the requirements of OMB Circular A-102, “Standards Governing State and Local Grantee Procurement”. Particular attention is directed to the requirements for affirmative steps to be taken in the solicitation of Minority Business Enterprises and Woman’s and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises by the Contractor in procuring subcontractors for this Contract.

The prospective Bidders must certify by submittal of USDA Form AD-1048 “Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion – Lower Tier Covered Transactions” that, to the best of its knowledge and belief, it and its principals are not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from covered transactions by any federal department or agency.

The prospective Bidders must complete RD Instruction 1940-Q, Exhibit A-1, “Certification for Contracts, Grants and Loans”.

Bids received will be acted upon by the Owner at the time and place above specified or at such later time and place as may then be fixed. The Owner hereby reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, to waive informalities and irregularities and to enter into such contracts as it may deem to be for the best interests of the Owner.

Section 746 of Title VII of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017 (Division A - Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017) and subsequent statutes mandating domestic preference applies an American Iron and Steel requirement to this project. All listed iron and steel products used in this project must be produced in the United States. The term “iron and steel products” means the following products made primarily of iron or steel: lined or unlined pipes and fittings, manhole covers and other municipal castings, hydrants, tanks, flanges, pipe clamps and restraints, valves, structural steel, reinforced precast concrete, and construction materials. The deminimis and minor components waiver {add project specific waivers as applicable} apply to this contract.