Details for Self Governance Coordinator

White Cloud Health Center, LLC
is seeking a Self-Governance Coordinator
Duties: Provide continuous oversight of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and
Nebraska’s Self-Governance Compacts with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, to ensure the Compact obligations of the Tribe are met & not compromised. The Coordinator of Self-Governance shall oversee legislative, policy, and consultation initiatives affecting Tribal resources and the
integrity of the Compacts are not jeopardized. Monitor the ever changing and
developing SelfGovernance legislation and policies regarding the Trust
responsibilities of the federal government and the government-to-government
relationship. The Coordinator shall provide advice and counsel to the ITKN
Executive Committee, White Cloud Health Center, LLC Board of Directors, the CEO & executive team of White Cloud Health Center, LLC on legislation, policies, &

regulations effecting compactfunding and the delivery of compacted services.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field of study required. Master’s degree preferred. A minimum of six years
administrative/managerial experience, contract and/or grant management experience and supervisory experience required.

Must have in-depth knowledge of P.L. 93-638, as amended, the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act and how tribal government operates.
Knowledge of all Federal regulations, guidelines, and legislation related to Self-
Governance. Negotiation experience and training is required. Must have experience with federal budgetary processes within the HHS and IHS. Must have experience with

the tribal budgetary process

Completed applications can be mailed to the Iowa Tribal Office 3345 B Thrasher Road White Cloud, KS 66094 Attn: Cheyenne or emailed to
Applications will be accepted until August 6th.