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Swimmers get ready for league

Hiawatha’s Swim Team competed in a home meet on Saturday, June 29 against Seneca.

The team had the Fourth of July weekend off and swimmers are now gearing up for the league meet, which is set for Saturday at Seneca.

What follows are individual results from June 29:

Maddy Aller, Girls 8 & Under: backstroke-7th, 35.21; freestyle-14th, 1:13.14

Cameron Boswell, Boys 11-12: Individual medley-1st, 1:34.49; butterfly-1st, 19.27; freestyle-1st, 34.99

Emma Boswell, Girls 13-14: butterfly-2nd, 39.09; freestyle-4th, 35.81; extended freestyle-1st, 1:24.24

Harper Chandler, Girls 9-10: breast stroke-2nd, 30.57; butterfly-4th, 31.62; freestyle-1st, 20.21

Konner Chandler, Boys 11-12: back stroke-3rd, 22.91; breast stroke-3rd, 28.51; freestyle-4th, 41.54

Leightom Copmton, Girls 8 & Under: back stroke-3rd, 30.92; freestyle-3rd, 27.78

Dayne Covert, Boys 7-8: butterfly-3rd, 48.01; freestyle-5th, 35.59; extended freestyle-2nd, 1:24.36

Grace Covert, Girls 9-10: breast stroke-5th, 34.66; freestyle-6th, 25.30; extended freestyle-2nd, 1:05.59

Alexis Crawley, Girls 9-10: back stroke-5th, 35.51; freestyle-9th, 52.03

David Crawley, Boys 13-14: freestyle-4th, 1:42.55

Evanny Crawley, Girls 11-12: Individual Medley-3rd, 2:22.16; butterfly-2nd, 31.59; freestyle-1st, 52.51

Josie Delaney, Girls 13-14: back stroke-2nd, 41.00; breast stroke-2nd, 45.24; freestyle-1st, 34.75

Lena Delaney, Girls 8 and Under: back stroke-5th-31.72; breast stroke-7th, 44.57; freestyle-4th, 29.27

Abby Elffner, Girls 13-14: breast stroke-1st, 41.77

Hunter Gamino, Boys 15-18: back stroke-1st, 38.30; butterfly-1st, 31.00; freestyle-1st, 30.09

Aden Geisendorf, Boys 13-14: individual mediley-2nd, 1:27.23; breast stroke-1st, 40.27; freestyle-2nd, 1:23.85

Eli Geisendorf, Boys 11-12: back stroke-8th, 29.09; freestyle-7th, 23.76

Jenna Geisendorf, Girls 8 & Under: breast stroke-12th, 58.33; freestyle-11th, 42.56; extended freestyle-5th,1:28.37

Drake Gonzales, Boys 11-12: back stroke-9th, 30.57; freestyle-6th, 22.03

Caleb Heiniger, Boys 7-8: back stroke-1st, 28.06; freestyle-2nd, 30.24; extended freestyle-1st, 1:04.05

Ashlynn Henry, Female 15-18: back stroke, 1st-44.40; freestyle-3rd, 37.18; extended freestyle-2nd, 1:28.28

Ethan Henry, Boys 13-14: back stroke, 1st-46.06; freestyle-3rd, 37.18; extended freestyle-2nd, 1:28.28

Karson Henry, Boys 11-12: breast stroke-4th, 29.95; freestyle-5th, 21.74

Alex Hinton, Boys 8 and Under: freestyle-7th, 51.84

Marcus Hinton, Boys 11-12: back stroke, 7th-26.94; freestyle-4th, 20.21; extended freestyle-8th, 51.23

Parker Hoffman, Boys 11-12: butterfly-6th, 43.51; freestyle-8th, 31.60

Peyton Hoffman, Boys 7-8: butterfly-2nd; freestyle-1st, 29.90

Charlie Keller, Girls 7-8: breast stroke-8th, 46.58; freestyle-10th, 42.34

Lane Kesler, Boys 11-12: freestyle-9th, 1:04.59

Leah Kesler, Girls 13-14: IM-2nd, 1:57.30; breast stroke-4th, 58.31; freestyle-5th, 44.65

Ali Krauter, Girls 8 and Under: back stroke-2nd, 28.63; breast stroke-2nd, 30.50; freestyle-1st, 52.27

Asher Leahy, Boys 9-10: back stroke-4th, 30.35; freestyle-4th, 52.93

Kate Madsen, Girls 15-18: IM-1st, 1:18.95; breast stroke-1st, 38.36; freestyle-1st, 1:12.78

Sarah Madsen, Girls 15-18: IM-2nd, 1:31.19; breast stroke-2nd, 43.95; freestyle-2nd, 36.12

Keagan McElwain, Boys 9-10: back stroke-1st, 26.05; freestyle-3rd, 18.21; extended freestyle-3rd, 47.48

Quinton Mears, Boys 9-10: back stroke-7th, 36.45; butterfly-2nd, 29.82; freestyle-10th, 26.30

Kloie Meyer, Girls 7-8: breast stroke-6th, 39.31; butterfly-4th, 49.27; freestyle-6th, 32.99

Leyton Moore, Boys 9-10: freestyle-8th, 22.60; extended freesylt-5th, 53.09

Dani Morton, Girls 11-12: back stroke, 1st-19.53; butterfly-1st, 17.55

Ethan Morton, Boys 11-12: back stroke, 1st-21.08; freestyle, 1st-16.72; extended freestyle, 2nd-40.15

Kaden Morton, Boys 13-14: back stroke, 2nd-47.91; freestyle-3rd, 39.66

Paige Mueller, Girls 11-12: IM-1st, 1:51.53; breast stroke-1st, 22.85; feestyle-2nd, 20.54

Aradessa Popisil, Girls 9-10: back stroke-3rd, 31.18; butterfly-3rd, 27.24

Ethan Pruitt, Boys 15-18: IM-1st, 1:35.14; breast stroke-1st, 49.45; freestyle-2nd, 30.60

Allera Roberts, Girls 11-12: back stroke, 3rd-25.00; freestyle-4th, 21.48

Rafe Schuetz, Boys 9-10: back stroke-6th, 31.01; freestyle-6th,19.42

Shelby Senn, Girls 11-12: breast stoke-3rd, 32.33; freestyle-1st,19.00

Saige Stover, Girls 9-10: IM-1st, 2:39.39; breast stroke-4th, 32.63; freestyle-5th-24.57

Kora Twombly, Girls 11-12: breast stroke-4th, 40.58; butterfly-3rd, 34.09; freestyle-3rd, 21.20

Brylie Williams, Girls 11-12: butterfly-4th, 35.55; freestyle-5th, 26.33

Medley Relays

Mixed 8 and Under-Caleb Heinger, Dayne Covert and Peyton Hoffman: 1st, 2:08.96

Girls 8 and Under-Ali Krauter, Lena Delaney, Kleoie Meyer and Leighton Compton: 1st-2:17.91

Mixed 9-10-Keagan McElwain, Rafe Schuetz, Quinton Mears, Leyton Moore: 3rd, 1:53.84

Mixed 11-12-Eli Geisendorf, Karson Henry, Parker Hoffman, Drake Gonzales: 2nd, 2:04.18

Girls 11-12-Dani Morton, Allera Roberts, Evanny Crawley, Paige Mueller: 1st, 1:37.81

Mixed 13-14-Ethan Henry, Aden Geisdndorf, Cameron Boswell, Kaden Morton: 1st, 1:14.66

Girls 13-14-Josie Delaney, Abby Elffner, Emma Boswell: 1st-1:10.06

Mixed 15-18-Hunter Gamino, Sarah Madsen, Ethan Pruitt, Ashlynn Henry: 1st-1:08.39

Freestyle Relays

Mixed 8 & Under-Dayne Covert, Peyton Hoffman, Caleb Heiniger: 1st, 2:18.08

Girls 8 & Under-Leighton Compton, Jaydee Siebenmorgen, Kloie Meyer: 2nd-1:58.36

Mixed 9-10 A Team-Asher Leahy, Keagan McElwain, Rafe Schuetz, Leyton Moore: 3rd, 1:27.48

Mixed 9-10 B Team-Quinton Mears, Harper Chandler, Grace Covert: 4th-1:44.29

Mixed 11-12 A Team-Ethan Morton, Konner Chandler, Marcus Hinton, Cameron Boswell: 1st-1:13.72

Mixed 11-12 B Team-Karson Henry, Eli Geisendorf, Lane Kesler, Parker Hoffman: 3rd, 1:45.93

Girls 11-12 A Team-Allera Roberts, Evanny Crawley, Paige Mueller: 1st-1:27.12

Girls 11-12 B Team-Shelby Senn, Kora Twombly, Brylie Williams: 2nd-1:29.01

Mixed 13-14 A Team-Ethan Henry, Drake Gonzales, Aden Geisendorf, Kaden Morton: 2nd-1:06.42

Girls 13-14-Emma Boswell, Leah Kesler, Josie Delaney: 1st-1:05.12

Mixed 15-18-Ashlynn Henry, Sarah Madsen, Ethan Pruitt, Hunter Gamino: 1st-59.72

By Joey May 

By Joey May

The Hiawatha American Legion Post 66 sponsored the annual Alumni Game on July 6 at the Paul Rockey Field at Noble Park. This year’s game brought out a couple dozen ‘Ole’ Timers’ — or former Post 66 ball players, along with a couple guests who had played Legion ball elsewhere but currently live in Hiawatha. The oldest “Ole’ Timers” ended up with the win — beating the youngsters in their 30s and 20s by 10-9. Pictured here — alumni Howie Duncan — who played in the early 1980s shows he still has it while batting with Zach Mendez catching.

Junior Braves roughed up at DC

The Hiawatha Junior Legion team took a trip to Wathena on Wednesday night, and were not greeted warmly by the hosting Doniphan County squad. The Braves suffered a pair of shutout losses and could not get much going on either side of the ball.

In game one, Doniphan County bit off a little at a time, but enough to end the game early, as they collected 2 runs in the 1st, 3 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd and 3 in the 4th. Gunner Smith and Jarrod Twombly each reached base on walks, and Tyler Davis and Alex Rockey were each hit by pitches as the team’s only base-runners for the contest. After the top of the 5th, the game was called for runs with Doniphan County winning 9-0.

The Braves were shutout in the second game as well, but avoided the no-hitter by scratching a pair of hits together in the 2nd, as Gunner Smith and Joel Bryan put together back-to-back base hits as the team hoped to build a big inning, but a fielder’s choice and a strikeout ended the team’s only threat. Davis reached on a leadoff walk in the 4th, but did not advance. DC put together innings of 6, 5 and 1 to take the 12-0 win.

The Junior Legion Zone Tournament runs from Sunday through Friday in Marsyville, as Hiawatha will fight for a chance at the State tournament.

Walk-off win earns split for Post 66

After rain kept the Hiawatha Legion squad off the field this weekend, the Post 66 Braves played some of their best baseball of the season on Tuesday evening, as they dropped the opener of a doubleheader with Oskaloosa, but came back to earn a last second win in the finale.

Hiawatha hopped out to a 3-1 lead after the 3rd inning, as Jayden Gibson walked and Andrew Lierz reached on a hit-by-pitch, followed by RBIS singles from Gabe Corbett, Hunter Pavlish and Cody Davis. Oskaloosa pushed 3 runs across in the top of the 4th, but Hiawatha knotted the game back up in the bottom of the inning as Corbett knocked in Lierz to make the game 4-4. After a quiet 5th and 6th, Oskaloosa exploded for 4 runs in the 7th inning, and while Hiawatha put together a Corbett triple and a Pavlish double in their final frame, it was not enough, as Oskie escaped with the 8-5 win.

Game two was a back and forth affair, as Oskaloosa got the early 1-0 lead, which was negated after a Lierz leadoff triple paid off after a Pavlish double. The visitors regained the lead in the 2nd, scoring 3 to grab a 4-1 advantage. Hiawatha got one back in the 3rd as Gibson walked and scored on a Corbett RBI single, but it was a big 5th inning that got the Braves in business. The Braves took advantage of a rough inning for Oskaloosa pitching, as Pavlish reached on an error, Alex Rockey, Blake Gormley and Lierz all drew walks, Gibson was hit by a pitch and Corbett pitched in a single, with all 6 coming across to score to take the 8-5 lead. Oskie bounced back in the 5th, plating 3 runs of their own to even the game at 8-apiece. In extra innings, Gibson reached base for the third time in the game, then it was Andrew Lierz who would be the game’s hero, slapping a walk-off RBI single to pick up the team’s third win of the season.

Hiawatha will play host to Sabetha on Friday night, then will travel to Leavenworth on Tuesday before starting their Zone Tournament at Sabetha on July 20th.

EMS football camp set for next week

Football season is just around the corner, and for the Everest Middle School football team, that means it’s time for their annual summer football camp. Coach Rodney Clay says the non-contact camp is designed to teach incoming and returning players proper techniques and fundamentals, expectations of an EMS football player, as well as to install some basic offensive plays.

The camp will run from Monday, July 15th through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 each morning, with registration taking place on Monday at 7. The camp is open to students who will be in 7th or 8th grade in the fall of 2019 who plan to participate in EMS football, and will be held at the Horton High School practice field. Registration in $20 and covers excess insurance. Clay reminds parents that no camper will be allowed to participate until the registration fee has been paid. Players are encouraged to wear clothes that are comfortable to for practicing, and if possible, to have football cleats prior to camp, in order to break them in before the season. Any questions can be directed to Coach Clay at 785-486-2741.