The late Rance Hixson of Hiawatha held a passionate commitment regarding all the concepts required for membership in Kiwanis International. Fellow members say he was a man of great integrity, honesty, and character. He was well respected in the community and left a strong legacy. Hixson was actively involved in all aspects of the Hiawatha Kiwanis Club. By freely giving of his time and expertise, Hixson was instrumental in establishing several key parts of the club’s infrastructure. The club says by following his example we see how to make a difference in our communities today while complimenting the generations to follow.

Hixson actively sought and received quality education to start him on his path. In honor of the emphasis he placed on education, the Hiawatha Kiwanis Foundation will award one scholarship per year of $1,500 to qualified candidates. The scholarship may be renewed one time resulting in two awards going to the same person over the course of two years.

To qualify, potential recipient must meet all of the following criteria: open to past graduates of USD 415 Hiawatha High School only; must be enrolled in a Kansas four year college; grade point average must be 2.0 or higher; and third to fourth year of enrollment as a full time student. “Full time student” will be defined by the criteria of their respective college. Graduate students are not eligible for

this scholarship.

All applicants must submit a completed and signed application form. Community involvement, public service, and other forms of leadership roles will be considered. The scholarship award of a lump sum payment will be made directly to the education institution for credit toward tuition, books, etc. All applicants must submit a completed and signed application plus any other required documentation on or before May 31 of the year in which they have applied for the scholarship. To receive an application contact Eric Oldham at 785-685-0634 or send an email to Send to: Scholarship Committee, Hiawatha Kiwanis Foundation, P.O. Box 25, Hiawatha, KS 66434.

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