Kickapoo Tribal Chairman Lester Randall

A 5-month recall effort against the Kickapoo Tribal Chairman Lester Randall has recently resulted in a formal request made to the Kickapoo Tribal Council.

The request is for a meeting to be called to both address allegations against Chairman Randall and to vote on his removal, according to a press release from the Kickapoo Tribe.

According to Article IV, Section 1 of the Kickapoo Constitution and Bylaws, 30 percent of qualified voters are required to begin the recall process. On Jan. 3, 2019, a letter was submitted to the Tribal Council, along with 434 tribal member signatures (or 31.8 percent of qualified voters), concerning allegations against Chairman Randall. He is being accused of misconduct, violation of the Kickapoo Revenue Allocation Ordinance and interference with the Kickapoo Tribal Police, according to the press release.

Upon receiving a request from a Tribal member on Oct. 22, 2018 for an account of the exact number of qualified voters enrolled with the Tribe, the Tribal Council began efforts to revise the recall petition process via the Kickapoo Tribal Election Code. On Nov. 6, 2018, public notice was made by the Kickapoo Tribal Council stating that Chapter 9, detailing the recall petition process, had been added to Title 12 of the Election Code. Chapter 9, among other changes, requires each signee to the recall petition to provide their address, a feature not previously required in past petitions.

The next step in the process will require the Kickapoo Tribal Council to schedule a meeting of Kickapoo members whereby Chairman Lester Randall will be provided an opportunity to speak in his own defense and where the attendees will vote on whether to remove Chairman Randall from his leadership position.

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