Yost Gallery, located on the main campus of Highland Community College in Highland, will show work by David Titterington and Andrew Cho March 1 through April 5.

Titterington also presented American Mashup: The Ongoing Indigenous American Art of Remixing the World as part of the Highland Community College STEAM event March 4.

David Titterington studied oil painting and Japanese at KU before moving to Japan, where for five years he researched the Shikoku pilgrimage and painted sacred sites. He received his MFA from KU in 2013 and currently teaches art at Haskell Indian Nations University.

“Landscapes are a kind of ritual for me, an outward expression of an inward state, and are symbolic, like language. Land and sky are situated inside of us as we are situated inside of them. Through the languages of realist landscape and religious icon painting, I aim to bring attention to the ways in which humans and landscapes exchange ideas and change one another,” Titterington states of his work.

In addition to Titterington’s work the exhibit will also feature ceramic pieces by Andrew Cho. After receiving a BFA from the University of Florida and an MFA from Georgia State University, Cho teaches at the Lawrence Arts Center and Haskell Indian Nations University.

Cho states that “my focus on clay rests on its ability to become a 3-dimensional canvas for drawings. It is impossible to view all sides from a single angle; a viewer is required to walk around the piece, to create a mental map of its surface in order to see the drawing in its entirety. I used this forced choreography to talk about memory, subjectivity, and how they affect the objects and spaces around us.”

Yost Gallery is open to the community from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, with no admission fee.

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