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The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International met on Saturday, March 7 at Vintage Park, Hiawatha. Hostesses were Glenda Foley and Lucille Pennell. Karen Benson, 2nd Vice-president introduced guest speaker Sarah Ohlson who talked about “Children’s Mental Health” Services available in our area.

Betty Gleason Chapter President opened the business meeting with members reciting the chapter collect, followed by Karen Benson taking roll call. Members answered with naming their favorite children book. Barbara Chadwell won the hostesses gift. Members attending were Joyce Fee, Morrill, Glenda Foley, Lucille Pennell, Sue Miller and Karen Benson, Hiawatha; Barbara Chadwell, Fairview; Carol Bunning, Horton; Carol Bishop Axtell; Betty Gleason and Mary Jane Fleming, Seneca. Sarah Ohlson, guest, Hiawatha.

Nominations of officers for the next bieneum were presented by Carol Bishop. Members voted on the following new officers for 2020-2022 as follows: Betty Gleason, president; 1st vice-president Carol Bishop, 2nd vice-president Joyce Fee, Secretary, Mary J. Fleming, and Barbra Chadwell treasurer. Nominations committee will be Ardis Huston, Carol Bishop and Lucille Pennell.

Inspiration was given by Carol Bunning, Hiawatha by having members singing He Touched Me by William Gaither.

The next meeting will be at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 4 at Bethany United Church of Christ with hostesses Carol Bunning and Betty Gleason. Roll call will be naming one of your comfort foods. Program: Sarah’s Comfort Foods” by Sarah Gerving.


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