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The following are the Brown County Fair results for the Modern Sunflowers 4-H club. Watch the Hiawatha World for more results in upcoming editions.

Amelia Wamsley: costumed pet-purple.

Anna Selland: costumed pet-purple; dog-purple; Christmas ornament-purple; aqua bed frame-blue; tye dye beach towel-purple; love painting-blue; love pillow-purple; Jr. girls buymanship-blue; Jr. Girls buymanship revue-blue; novel effects-blue; pasta salad-blue; 2 minute Hawaiian pie-blue Reserve Champion non perishable pie; Max’s chocolate chip cookies-blue; chocolate dipped pretzels-blue; perishable/non perishable ed ex-blue; recipe file-red, champion specialty bread or rolls; weigh in gift basket-purple; decorated rice krispies-purple; reading-blue; pets reserve champion.

Ashton Powell: English lop-blue BOB; Holland lop-blue; Holland lop-blue; mini lop-red; mini lop-red; normal colored fur-red; normal colored fur-red; intermediate showmanship-purple Grand Champion; blue dress w/brown and white belt-blue; int. girls buymanship revue-blue; animal abuse-blue; crochet-purple; stained glass-blue; picture frame-red; rabbit novice champion.

Austynn Wenger: hereford heifer-purple champion; purple-champion; Jr. showmanship-blue; Class 4 market hogs-blue; junior-b lue; frost black light-purple; beaded hanging-purple; wall plaque plate-purple; Jr. girls buymanship revue-purple; favorite place setting-purple; chicken salad-blue; pumpkin bread-purple; pumpkin oatmeal cookies-blue; angel food cake-purple; hard boiled eggs-blue; recipe notebook-purple; whole wheat rolls-purple; girls buymanship dress-purple; food exhibitor award 10-11 YO.

Ben Selland: commercial heifer-purple; Jr. showmanship-purple; standard breeds-lg. fowl-young-blue; lg. fowl-old-blue; Lg. fowl-old-blue; bantams-old-purple; bantams-old-blue; bantams-old-purple; Jr. Showmanship-blue; class 3 market hogs-red; junior-blue; Jr. boys buymanship-blue; Jr. boys buymanship revue-blue; mystery salad-blue; Max’s chocolate chip cookies-blue; lemon bread-purple; pumpkin bars-purple; granola-blue; recipe book-blue; weigh in gift basket-purple; triple chocolate pretzel-purple; Jr. astronomy ed poster-blue; novice purch kit robot-blue; educational robotics poster-blue; beach towel-blue; champion small bird; poultry champion.

Bentley Selland: heavy weight-purple chamipion cross/champion steer; Jr. showmanship-blue; bucket calf 7-9 YO-blue; BC showmanship 7-12-purple; satin-white; colored satin fur-blue; Jr. Showmanship-red; Class 1 breeding guilts-blue; Class 2 market hogs-blue; Peewee-blue; baked mac and cheese-blue; choco cake with buttercream icing-purple; chocolate crinkle cookies-purple; combine guitar charcoal/powder paint-purple; howl at the moon button art-blue; grain bin perler beads-blue; grain bin/truck acrylic painting-purple; rate of gain steer; arts and crafts exhibitor award.

Boomer Ross: 12-23 mo dairy goats-blue; Jr. dairy showmanship-purple; English lop-red BOS; French lop-blue; Holland lop-blue BOB; Holland Lop-red; Mini lop-red; polich-red; polish-blue; polish-blue; polish-blue; normal colored fur-red; normal colored fur-blue; intermediate showmanship-blue; buymanship-blue; int. boys buymanship revue-blue Int. Reserve Champion; rabbit outstanding exhibitor.

Caleb Heininger: Class 3 breeding guilts-red; Class 5 market hogs-red; Class 6 market hogs-red; PeeWee-blue; fall pumpkin painting-purple; autumn barn painting-blue; Santa stuck in chimney-purple; wreath-blue; under the sea graham crackers-blue; beauty park-blue; kitten catastrophe-red; river disaster-blue; aquarium fun-red; farm & shop use-blue; other woodworking-blue; ed exhibit-purple; banana and peanut butter sandwich-red; peanut butter dip-purple; boiled egg-blue; banana pop-blue; money bread-red; 4H snack mix-blue; no bake monster cookie energy bars-purple; chocolate chip cookies-purple; rainbow cake-red; woodworking/electric exhibitor award.

Carolyn Schuetz: education exhibit-blue; 6-9 mo meat goat breeding-blue; 12-23 mo meat goat breeding-blue; 2 years and under meat goat breed-blue; class 2-blue; Jr. meat goat showmanship-blue; educational exhibit-blue; mini lop-blue; mini lop-blue; mini rex-red; mini satin-purple reserve in show; Netherland dwarf-blue; Netherland dwarf-blue; polish-red; polish-white; polish-blue BOB; polish-red; normal colored fur-blue; colored satin fur-blue; intermediate showmanship-blue; class 2 breeding guilts-blue; Class 4 market hogs-blue; clothing buymanship girls-purple; int. girls buymanship revue-purple-Int. Reserve Champ; trimming rabbit nail-purple; shooting sports display-purple; caterpillar on grass-blue; into the leaves-red; Tom Hdland graphite drawing-purple; barn drawing-blue; wolf oil pastel-blue; photography judging contest; rabbit best satin.

Chelbi Peters: 12-23 mo dairy goats-purple; 12-23 mo dairy goats-blue; 12-23 mo dairy goats-blue; Sr. dairy showmanship-purple Champ Sr. Show; costumed pet-purple; cats-purple; French lop-blue/ French lop-blue; French lop-blue; French lop-red; French lop-blue; Holland lop-blue; Holland lop-blue; mini lop-blue; Netherland Dwarf-blue; Netherland Dwarf-blue; normal colored fur-blue; normal colored fur-blue; normal white fur-red; Sr. showmanship-purple-champ; latchhook “owl”-purple; string art-blue; diamond art-purple; shadow box-red; clothing buymanship-purple; Sr. girls buymanbship-revue; rabbit showmanship-purple Sr. Reserve Champ; favorite place setting-red; butterfinger pie-red; rabbit-red; rabbit-red; calm before the storm-white; bear (dog)-red; fireworks-red; livestock judging contest; rabbit outstanding exhibitor award; rabbit sr showman; 4-H presentation sr champion.

Devynn Wenger: angus heifer-purple champion; Jr. showmanship-blue; wooden “D”-blue; sand block-purple; favorite place setting-blue; frozen pea salad-purple; banana bread-blue; apricot bars-purple; recipe notebook-blue.

Elly O’Bryan: costumed pet-purple; other pets-purple; class 3 market hogs-blue; PeeWee-blue; favorite place setting-purple; dirt-purple; onion parmesan dip-purple; Special K cookies-purple; butter cookies-blue; sweet and salty snack mix-purple; recipe notebook-purple; eat heart healthy-purple; club snack basket; reading-blue; oil pastel sea turtle-purple; cracked glass magnets-blue; washer necklaces-blue; sunflower batik-purple; lotus/koi poster-purple; food exhibitor award up to 9 YO-purple.

Harlee Mitchell: fleece blanket-blue; fairy painting-purple; clothes pincross-purple; arrow string art-blue; blue floral dress-purple; coral and bird print skirt-purple; Jr. construction revue-blue; Jr girls buymanship revue-pub; 3 purple-purple; floral arrangement-purple; floral arrangement-purple; chocolate oat chip cookies-blue; lemon butter bundt cake-red; wildflowers-red; caterpillar-red; Daddy’s garden-red; sunflower-red.

Jax Wenger: bucket calf 7-9 YO-blue; BC showmanship 7-12-purple.

Justin Selland: Jr. showmanship (7-9) dog-purple champion; pre-novice A-white; Class 2 market hogs-blue; Class 3 market hogs-blue; PeeWee-purple; fog perler beads-blue; monkey perler beads-purple; American flag perler beads-blue; Justin’s fruit salad-purple; M&M oat cookie-purple; swine rate of gain.

Landry O’Bryan: wildlife float trip-purple; Class 6 market hogs-purple; junior-purple; cardinal bottle-blue; vintage church-blue; macrame bracelet-blue; barn quilt-purple; tye dye tutorial-blue; arrow wall hanger-purple; pa hankie-blue; sleep shirt-blue; ED. Ex. Notebook-purple; favorite place-purple; favorite place setting-purple; cold buffalo chicken dip-blue; cookies and cream cookies-blue; butter cookies-blue; berries-blue; recipe file-purple; white yeast raid-purple; roasted garlic bread-purple.

Lyndzee Wamsley: other pets-purple; standard breeds-Lg. fowl-young-red; standard breeds-Lg. fowl-young-blue; standard breeds-Lg. fowl-young-red; standard breeds-Lg fowl-young-blue; Class 1-red; Sr. Showmanship-blue; educational exhibit-blue; dutch-red; dutch-purple Best in Show; normal colored fur-Purple-Best; normal colored fur-purple-reserve; Sr. Showmanship-purple-Reserve Champion; rabbit showmanship-blue-Sr. Reserve Champion; pets sr exhibitor award; rabbit grand champion; rabbit best normal fur; rabbit grand champion.

Shelby Maher: polish-white; normal colored fur-red; intermediate showmanship-purple Reserve Champion; facepot (clay)-red; string art-blue; plush animal-purple; clothing buymanship-blue; Jr. girls buymanship revue-blue.

Tyler Menold: Standard Breeds-Lg. fowl-old-purple.

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