The May 16, 2019 Brown County Genealogical Society meeting was opened by President Nancy Prawl, with 11 members and guests present.

Secretary Marla Hathhorn read the April minutes and Treasurer Gail Coker-Carr presented the April treasurer report. Both reports were approved as read.

President Nancy Prawl discussed the Mothers Day Out luncheon fundraiser at the Fisher Center on June 8. Donations and helpers were requested.

The dates for the Ice Cream Socials/Jazz Band Concerts will be June 13, 20, 27 and July 11. The Socials will be held on the north side of the Brown County Courthouse.

Motion by Lyle Hinz to renew our Library’s Ancestry World subscription at a cost of $299. Seconded by Charlie Carr. Motion carried.

Setting research fees were discussed. Motion by Gail Coker-Carr to charge $15 for the first hour, which includes 10 copies and mailing of the research; additional hours would be $5 per hour. Seconded by Ray Thime. Motion carried. A research form will be posted on our website at

The program was by Wes Miller of Hiawatha. Wes gave an interesting speech about Northeast Kansas immigration patterns. He recommends the book Peopling of the Plains for people interested in the immigration.

There will be no meeting in June due to the Ice Cream Social that night. The next meeting will be on July 18, with a program by Wes Miller of Hiawatha.

Refreshments were served by Gail Coker-Carr and the meeting was adjourned.

Marla Hathhorn, Secretary

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