1970 class


The Class of 1970: (l-r) Row 1: Valerie Bestwick, Steven Boos, Margaret Schrader, James Bartley, Stephen Chandler, John Barrett, Marilyn Wagner, James Clausen, Bobbe Jo Bevan, John Lee Byers, Carol Gamble, Leonard Bosse, Christina Rockey, Richard Wallis, Deborah Roland. Row 2: Thomas Pittman, Nancy Dougherty, Robert Brainard, Diann Mendez, Lloyd Adcock, Janice Bearce, Max Fridell, Judy Glenn, Brad Weinberg, Jane Wilson, Jay Fraser, Terry Duvall, Phillip Zimmers, Nancy Woolsey, Bradley Lowe. Row 3: Sharon Crouch, Steven Erickson, Emily Vonderschmidt, Patrick Bracken, Ann Hooper, Charles Gray, Julie McBride, Gary Ramey, Florence Robinson, Tom Gibbs, Joan Schowengerdt, Clair Harpster, Kay Roush, Russell Robertson, Cheryl Yingling. Row 4: Mike Feuerbacher, Paula Puvogel, Stanley Rieger, Marsha Mendenhall, Mike Trojovsky, Gretchen Scovil, Mike Widman, Eileen Prawl, Mike Pyle. Row 5: Ramona Mellenbruch, Roger Hiskey, Carolyn Walters, Malcolm Grier, Vernie Coy, Susan Tellefson, Bruce Kleppe, Jeri McCray, Gary Ripple, Janette Heise, Thomas Tritsch, Aaron Erdley, Charlot Schiable, Darrell Wentworth, Joyce Johansen. Row 6: Frank Shockley, Janet Buehler, Terry Pape, Joyce Rogers, Cynthia Shields, David Korthanke, Peggy LaCounte, Dennis Korthanke, Janet Weaver, Terry Johansen, Susan Shannon, Dennis Rake, Dianne Koelliker, Gene Koppa, Donald Lehmann. Row 7: Eileen Gilbert, John Lear, Marilynn Hemmann, Steven Lock, Richard Clelland, Randy Wenger, Harlan Kneisel, Russell Meyer, Allen Hossfeld, Dale Mueller, Dean Miller, Candy Jimeson, Dan Morey, Paula Ott, Jerry Reschke. Row 8: Robert Widman, Roger Selman, Linda Portrey, Randy Hjetland, Ryan Schober, Kathy Thomason, Fredric Kroh, Christine Hoffman. Teachers pictured: Grace Owen, Hazell Myers, F.M. Copeland. Graduates not pictured: David Johansen, Ed Scott.

Our lives have all been impacted by the Coronavirus this year. We are assessing these changes that have fragmented our lives and are making decisions to help us all proceed into an encouraging future. Because of Covid-19 and for the safety of our communities, the reunion for the Class of 1970 has been postponed until next year. In honor of our 50th High School Reunion year, we are reprinting our senior class picture to honor the memories and camaraderie we were looking forward to celebrating.

Since graduation, our class has explored our world in many ways. Some of us moved to far reaches of the world while others remained in and around Hiawatha. We have experienced different locations and vocations. No matter where life has taken us, our classmates were not far from our thoughts. We’ve kept in touch with each other through the years; or we’ve heard about each others lives through family and friends. We rejoiced for all the happy moments as well as commiserated with each other’s losses and sad times. The class of 1970 has always been in our hearts. The many friendships and memories from our days at Hiawatha High School solidified the foundation of our characters for our lives ahead. We were the first freshman class of Unified School District 415. We have become doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, business owners, office managers, factory workers, homemakers, farmers, and soldiers. We have been educated and have become educators. We have been caregivers of the body, mind, and soul of family, friends, and strangers in need. We choose to remember the many wonderful times we had as students as well as the lessons learned. We appreciate and are thankful to all those involved with the USD 415 communities who taught, mentored, and nurtured us. We were looking forward to reconnecting in person with our classmates. Postponing our 50th High School Reunion will enable us to get together under a safer and more optimistic environment for everyone.

In the spirit of remembrance we acknowledge those classmates who have passed but are not forgotten: Paula Ott Segrest (2020), Roger Selman (2019), Mike Trojovsky (2019), Steve Boos (2017), Jay Fraser (2017), Russ Meyer (2017), Ann Hooper Hall (2016), Steve Erickson (2015), Randy Wenger (2014), Gene Koppa (2011), Terry Johanson (2002), Rayna Baker (2001), Mike Widman (1985), Terry Pape (1978), and Dick Wallis (1969).

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