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Before Jesus left the earth 2,000 years ago, He knew that His disciples would need to perpetuate the ministries that He had begun while He was on earth.

Jesus’ ministry was five-fold (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher), so as He ascended back to heaven, He left these five ministry gifts in many of His chosen and anointed disciples to continue what He had started (see Ephesians 4:8-13).

I want to highlight the ministry of the prophets, because in Christianity today in our country, the ministry of the prophets (and the prophets, themselves are not well known). Unlike pastors and teachers who are assigned by the Holy Spirit to a small region of the earth’s surface and to a tiny portion of the earth’s population, prophets are assigned to vast regions, national and international. The Holy Spirit shows them visions of world-wide importance and tells them to tell us how to prepare for things to come. They often guide their nations to revival and to repentance when that nation has abandoned or ignored the commandments of God.

Much of the Christian world knows very little about the authority and ministries of God’s chosen prophets, because they only recognize higher leaders in their own specific denominations. I am a pastor, not a prophet, but I recognize the wisdom of listening to those whom Christ has chosen as prophets. Right now I’m particularly interested in what the prophets have to say about the 2020 presidential election, and what they say is exactly opposite to what the mainstream media says.

If you believe CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR and the New York Times, it’s just a matter of days now until Joe Biden will take the oath as the 46th president of the United States. But if you believe what most of the those whom I believe to be God’s prophets say, Mr. Biden doesn’t have a chance! Those whom I believe over mainstream media have always predicted a very ugly election with most people believing that it would look bad for Trump, then the Hand of God would deliver victory for Trump and give him a Senate that would confirm more pro-life Supreme Court Justices who will in turn stop the killing of over one-million innocent, pre-born babies each year in the United States alone.

If the mainstream media reported all the news instead of just what they want you to believe, you would hear that this election isn’t over until the U.S. Supreme Court decides if there is evidence of ballot-counting machines that were programmed to change hundreds of thousands of Trump votes to Biden votes. (I think they will)... that election fraud was sufficient enough to determine that the 2020 election was “uncertifiable”... and that if the election is uncertifiable then all votes are “null and void.” Therefore the U.S. House of Representatives will have to vote in the president for the next four years. And if we get to that point, Mr. Biden doesn’t have a chance. You see, if the House votes in the next president, it won’t be how many democratic seats are voting against how many republican seats. If we get to that point, the Constitution says each state gets one and only one vote, so that Kansas gets as many votes as California. Of the 50 states, 37 are republican, only 13 are democratic. Thirty-seven republican votes against 13 democratic votes, who do you think would win, if that happens? And can you understand why the mainstream media won’t tell you what I just did?

For you who want to know more about what the Christian prophets are saying, I’d suggest getting on the internet and typing in “sidroth.org” and looking for what the prophets say about the 2020 presidential election. God bless you, and God bless America.

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There are a lot of inaccuracies in this opinion piece. I will only address those that I feel are important to this election. This opinion piece is also part of the reason we have lots of misinformation about the current election process.

Let me start with the last part where Reverend Stone says, "the states get one vote". This is incorrect. Based on the three times a presidential election has been tossed to the House of Representatives, the state delegations are based on the district count for the state. Kansas would get 4 votes to decide the election. 3 would be for President Trump, 1 would be for President-Elect Biden. This process would repeat until a majority (270) is reached. The election of 1800 is the best example of this process.

Secondly, The United States Supreme Court has decided twice that the election was over. Both times on a 9-0 vote. This is not just the "fake media" that reports it, the actual docket reads that way. President Trump has no legal leg to stand on. There have been zero cases of massive election fraud as the President has repeatedly said. In one instance in Pennsylvania, the President's own legal team admitted they did not know why they were there and that there were no cases of fraud in the state.

They had to tell the truth or risk being disbarred. The judge, who was appointed by former Republican Governor Tom Ridge, asked them point-blank if they were going to lie.

Again, this is all public record that a simple search will find.

This has been one of the most heated elections in recent memory. But the vitriol and the lies coming from both sides on this election are almost unmatched (the election of 1860, would be a close second). People need to stop reading sites that have no facts, much like the sidroth.org mentioned in the opinion piece and take the time to do their own research.

In an age where information from honest journalists can be accessed within seconds, it should not take long to realize the falsehoods spoken by Reverend Stone and others like him are just a distraction from the real issues at hand.

The real issues at hand are that Americans are suffering and need help. Cities have failing infrastructures that are incapable of delivering drinkable water to their citizens. Children are separated from their parents at the border and locked in cages, women who are classified as illegal immigrants are having forced hysterectomies, millions are barely getting by with little to no food, millions are waiting to be forced out of their homes due to little or no income. But the position that Reverend Stone has taken is that the election will still be over-turned and given to President Trump.

The Bible is noticeably clear on who we should be helping, on who should be governing us and who is in charge.

We are to help the poor, the orphans and the widows.

We are governed by people who are elected/selected by men (and women).

The Lord is in charge.

If Our God decides to let President-Elect Biden be our President, then it is He who ordained it. Much like the elections of 2008 and 2012 when the religious right label The Honorable Barak Obama as the antichrist, this election is being hijacked by the same folks. Of all the people who should understand this the most, it should be the Reverend Stone.


[thumbup] Thank You!! GOD can work through anyone, and has. He has placed BIDEN in office to heal our country and be transparent. GOD is not pleased with what happened on 1/6/21, and will continue to punish those who take joy in discord, and death-republican party members or not.


ooopsy [thumbdown] what does GOD say about false prophets??? Your prophecy was wrong. Will you admit to that and submit to GOD to show you where you went wrong? Read Deuteronomy 18:22 It seems your prophetic word and those that you follow-were wrong.

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