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The Hiawatha Music Club met on Oct. 12 at Bethany United Church of Christ. Hostess for the evening was Sarah Kloepfer. President Jean Brintnall called the meeting to order. Roll call was taken with 4 active and 6 honorary members in attendance. The minutes from the September meeting were read by Secretary Belinda Estes and approved. Treasurer Sarah Kloepfer reported that the balance was $1342.04.

There were no committee reports. At this time, we do not have a Sunshine Committee, but a card has been sent to Valerie.

Old Business-further discussion about program planning for the year. The group went through the themes for the months as well as locations.

November meeting will be at Bethany, Kim will be hostess.

December meeting, double-checked date to ensure no major conflicts with school schedules, Becky will be hostess.

January-dinner-do we want to look at the The Cabin?

February-Fairview-Sharon will be hostess, will meet at St. Paul.

March-Jessie will hostess with Carol.

New Business-none

Announcements-none. Meeting was ended and the program began. The theme for tonight’s program is “The Devil’s Interval”, otherwise known as the tritone. The tritone has been used throughout music over time to show dissonance in music and can often create eerie tones. Jean Brintnall started the program by playing for the group an example from Wagner’s Prelude to Tristan un Isolde.

Judy Bruning presented for the group a piano “Fonatil” by Ole Olson. This is a piano piece that Judy explained that she has used many times as a warmup, but the piece is named for a savage dance that was meant to ward off evil spirits.

Sarah Kloepfer sang a solo of “The Girl From Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos. This song, while not an eerie song, is an example of how tritones are used in a particular styles of music, such as bossa nova.

Jessie Scheitel took a brave turn and performed a piece that she has been learning in her piano lessons called “Tarantula Furiosa”. This is Jessie’s first time performing for the group as a new member.

Belinda Estes performed a vocal solo version of “We Are The Champions” by Freddie Mercury. This piece was chosen as an example of how rock music uses tritones to show dissonance, a trait that is found in many rock songs. It was noted that many people associate the ending of the song with the 1984 version of the song sung at Live Aid, however the original composition has the song ending in what feels to be the middle of a sentence, which truly leaves the listeners with a feeling of hanging.

After the program, members enjoyed refreshments provided by Sarah Kloepfer and conversation with each other. The next meeting was scheduled for Nov. 9 at Bethany United Church of Christ.

Belinda Estes,


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