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The Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature (KSHL) is busy preparing for the 38th Annual Session.

Normally, the Annual Session is a three-day event held at the State Capitol in Topeka; however, because of COVID-19 concerns, this year the session has been condensed to one day, Oct. 7. It will be held at the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging in Topeka for those who choose to attend in person and via ZOOM for those who prefer to attend virtually.

The Executive Board met via ZOOM this past July and decided upon three issues which will be presented and debated by the Committee of the Whole. The issues which are favorably voted on in both the morning and afternoon sessions will then be presented to the Kansas Legislature at their 2021 Legislative Session which begins in January, 2021.

The issues are

1) Expansion of Medicaid in Kansas

2) Full funding of the Senior Care Act (which provides limited funding for seniors who qualify, allowing them to receive services in their homes instead of moving to nursing homes). The bill was passed by the 2020 Kansas Legislature, but was subsequently removed due to the state’s financial situation caused by COVID-19.

3) Continued support for the KDOT community based public transportation program and its proposed expansion throughout Kansas.

Every county in Kansas plus 20 additional members from the most populous counties have a voice in KSHL. At present there are over 650,000 seniors in Kansas with more being added daily. The purpose of KSHL is to inform Kansas legislators of senior concerns and priorities and to work with the Legislature in understanding their importance to seniors.

To learn more about Kansas SHL, visit or contact Gil Bunning, PSA 9 Chair (Public Service Area) at (785) 486-3304.

PSA 9 includes the counties of Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, Marshall, Nemaha and Washington.

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