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As farmers are getting the seeds planted, they are looking forward to the harvest, but truth be told everything a farmer does revolves around the harvest. Depending on the crop, there are many things a farmer does to prepare for a harvest that will be a blessing. From harvest to harvest many hours and resources are utilized to ensure that the next harvest will be better than the last. There are many factors that can’t be controlled but all the work that should be done is done, and hopefully it all lines up for another bumper crop.

As a Christian, we have a harvest Jesus teaches us about. In Matthew 9:37-38, we are told, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Unlike the farmer’s harvest that generally occurs in the fall, the harvest Jesus is talking about are the souls of people all around us that need the salvation Jesus came to give all who will believe. Jesus says, “the harvest is plentiful” meaning that there are always people who need new life in Him and He is ready at all times to save those who are seeking salvation.

Like the farmer, there is always something for us to do that will ensure the harvest is happening. The labor Jesus is referring to is about prayer, witnessing, sharing our lives He has given us and praying for and supporting missionaries who can go places we can’t.

Are you praying for lost souls to come to know Jesus? Are you praying for your own loved ones who don’t yet know Him? Are you praying for God to use you to share your faith with anyone you may have opportunity, be it family, friends or strangers? You are the light of the world and friends that light needs to shine and show this world the love and hope we have in Christ that is not available any other way.

Most church organizations have missionaries that are sent to various places around the world to share the Gospel. What are you doing personally to support that work? Are you praying for those laborers and for the harvest field they are sent to? Do you financially support them so they can have their material needs met in order to more easily focus on the harvest? Missions is the heartbeat of God and we have the privilege to help them go wherever they are laboring since most of us can’t go but we can send them and support them.

Everything the farmer does all year long is about the harvest and church we are directed to be about the harvest all the time as well. Somebody was concerned enough about you to help you know Jesus and we have the opportunity and privilege to help others know Him too.

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