125th Anniversary Upper Wolf

1869-2019 – 150 years as an organized church, Upper Wolf Lutheran Church-ELCA, 5 miles southeast of Robinson, has been serving God, and the people of the community that surrounds the church. Starting with David Earhart, grandfather to Amelia Earhart, who in 1860 to 1868, began his traveling and preaching a circuit of at least five churches in five counties in Eastern Kansas. This was the actual beginning of the Upper Wolf Lutheran Church, which was organized under a constitution in 1869, with immigrant members from the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden, and later from Germany.

During the 150 years, 25 full-time pastors, and nine interim pastors, have been leaders in the continuous desire of the members to be active in the church and community. To honor this special 150th anniversary, a “Day of Celebration” was held on Sunday, Sept. 15 at our beautiful brick church in the country. Nearly 150 people gathered for worship at 10:30 a.m., led by Pastors Fran and Craig Lantz, and Rev. David Whetter, Asst. to the Bishop of Central States, ELCA. Spencer Madison, former member of Upper Wolf, delighted the congregation with his song, “Thank You” with the words of thankful memories from our past 150 years.

A catered meal was provided and served by Lentz Catering of Horton. The early afternoon was a time of good conversations and mutual sharing of “past memories,” while enjoying a display of pictures and record books from the past.

“Service” is probably the best word to describe Upper Wolf’s ministry. The members have served God and the community’s spiritual needs through worship & projects, fellowship & praying for the needs of one another and neighbors, from our Upper Wolf’s past generations, up to these present days. Our Lutheran World Relief (LWR) mission projects, our financial support to the needs in our local schools and local organizations, and our desire to help others, are our priorities.

Worship Services are held every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. with Pastor Fran Lantz as our leader. Anyone is welcome to join us, as we continue to learn and spread the Word and Love of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. Thanks be to God!

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