Pastor Ron Stair

“I don’t know how anyone gets through something like this without having a faith community to support them.” Several people have made that remark to me and others lately in thanking us for being there. I said that same thing after our family went through a house fire. Whether it is going through a tornado or a house fire or a catastrophic illness – especially when the medical community cannot identify the cause, it helps to have a community that is supportive.

We have all heard people say, “I can be a Christian without going to church.” That is a true statement, but I have heard stories about Christians who attended church for many years, who fell away from the faith when bad things happened in their lives. If we surround ourselves with loving people in a faith community and can still fall away from the faith when tragedy strikes, then how much harder must it be for those who go it on their own. If we are suffering some medical malady for years, but the doctors cannot find a cause, how do we handle it without the support and love of a faith community?

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