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Tabitha Rice, co-reporter of the Willis All-Stars 4-H club, would like to update you on their last meeting. The meeting was held at the Christian Church in Horton, KS at 6:30 PM. Mr. President Kaden Smith called the meeting to order. Justin Selland led us in the pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge. Horton City Mayor and Willis Township Mayor read the 4-H proclamation to the club and signed proclamation. Chloe Rice and Addy Welch led us in the song, “Skip to My Lou.” Roll call was “What I like about the State Fair.” Piper Chartier read the minutes from last month’s meeting. There was no treasurer report as the treasurer was not at this meeting. Reporter Kirsten Smith reported that the report was in the paper for the August meeting. The 4-H Council meeting will be on December 6th at 7:00 PM at the Extension office. The Educational committee presented their idea for a field trip to Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, and club members will need to text the committee to let them know if they want to do the Apple Tour or the Tree Tour that is offered. The committee will then send out a text when all reservations and details are finalized. Community service committee talked about ideas for 48 hours of Community Service on October 9-10. The committee will finalize details and send out a club text to let everyone know what the final decision is. Plans for 4-H Week, October 3-9, is to wear our club shirts to school on that Wednesday and put-up posters at the school with each principal’s permission.

All KAP books, Historian book, Secretary book, Reporter book, and Treasurer book need to be turned in by September 24th.

Leader Ronda Smith reported Congratulations to our state fair participants. She also reported what we have done in the past for the 48 hours of community service project, helping the Humane Society, and Nursing home visits. It was also brought up to make birthday cake “baskets” for the food pantry to hand out to those who need them. Ideas were also discussed about how the club wants the October meeting to look like. It was moved and seconded to have our October meeting at the Smith’s home with a cookout and a hayrack ride. Leader Ronda Smith also asked if there would be any new members for next year. One was reported at this time.

In New business the new officers for 4-H offices were approved by the club. Many announcements were handed out to the club to read for themselves.

September 10-19 is Kansas State Fair

September 24- record books, pin apps, Friend of 4-H, I Dare You Award, Outstanding Volunteer award due by 4:30.

September 30-Reach for excellence award due by 4:30.

October 1-Start of 2021-2022 new 4-H year.

October 3-9- 4-H week

October 10- 48 hours of 4-H community service project.

October 15-Early registration KYLF

November 1-registration for KYLF

November 19—Financial review and organizational report is due by 4:30 PM.

November 20-23-KYLF

November 23- Achievement Night at Fisher Community Building at 6:30 PM

July 7-15-Brown County Fair

Aiden Jamvold gave a welding project talk about his rod that he made. Carly Huftles gave a clothing buymanship project talk, and Ashley Brady gave an archery project talk.

Bentley and Justin Selland had the club play a “mummy” game for recreation.

Ashley Brady requested a donation of $100 to give to the archery club for the purchase of targets. It was moved and seconded to give the club $100 towards the targets. Club approved.

The Smith and Brady Families hosted this meeting and provided the snacks for our club.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The next meeting of the Willis All-Stars will be at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 10 at the Smith’s home.

Tabitha Rice Co-Reporter

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