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Vintage Park was the site for the Zion United Methodist Women’s group Sept. 12 at 9 a.m. Hazel Steely, president, welcomed those in attendance. She read “Gift of Encouragement.” All repeated the UMW Purpose. Hazel led in prayer for those on the joy and concern list. Hazel also read from the Prayer Calendar about Emma Canton, UMW Regional Missionary, Asia. LaRhoda Neher gave devotions “Lead, Follow and Bless.” The August minutes and treasurer report were approved as read. Communications were received from the District President and InterServ of St. Joseph, MO. It was voted to send a Gift in Mission card to David Howery, retiring executive director of InterServ for 20 years of service. UMW Sunday was set for March 29, 2020 with the speaker to be determined later. Special recognition pin and Dedicated Light recognition were discussed.

Dates to Remember:

Next meeting: October 10 at Zion church, 6 p.m. with light meal.

Fall District Meeting: Oct. 12 at the Berryton church

Closing thought:

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore then going into a garage makes you an automobile.”

The program,”Women Investing in Shalom,” was given by LaRhoda Neher. Luke 8:1-3, Jesus’ call to his male disciples, which often happened in their work settings, may be characterized as a “push.” In contrast, the women followers were “pulled”—they automatically follow Jesus out of gratitude for what he had done for them. Whether pushed or pulled, following Jesus is what counts; some are called, some are sent, and some just get up and follow Jesus. Giving oneself as well as one’s gifts to mission is a radical commitment. God has gently nudged ordinary women to respond and evolve in Christ’s ministry of shalom through mission at home and abroad, then invest ourselves in Jesus’ mission through giving and action. God calling forth the disciple in each of us is a sacred awakening.

Preceding the meeting LaRhoda served breakfast casserole, muffins and mixed fruit.

LaRhoda Neher, Reporter

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