Zion United Methodist Women met at Vintage Park for the May 16 meeting at 2 p.m. Hazel Steely, president, welcomed those in attendance. She read a prayer from the Prayer Calendar and also an enjoyable story about Jake. All repeated the UMW Purpose. Joys and concerns were given with Hazel leading in prayer.

The April minutes and treasurer report were approved as given. Communications were read from InterServ for contribution, Days for Girls for contribution and invitation from HUMP church ladies to their Spring Tea May 30. Betty Lewis reported from the Response magazine. The article “Snack Shower in Kansas” told how Ives Chapel UMW in Baldwin City collected snacks for students at the McCurdy Ministries, a United Methodist Women-supported national mission institution. The fellowship of working together as a team was heartwarming for all who participated.

Dates to Remember:

Zion Vacation Bible School — May 28 -31

HUMP Spring Tea — May 30

Basket Dinner honoring Pastor Paul Waters and Janie — June 23

Closing thought:

Take my advice, I don’t use it anyway.

The lesson “Women Responding and Serving In Christ’s Name” was presented with all taking part. Names are important in every culture and in all times. The name Phoebe means “bright.” She was a deacon in the church at Cenchreae; a ceaseless helper and benefactor to many including Apostle Paul (Romans 16:2.). A woman of independence, resources and generosity, she exercised power as a servant-leader in the church. Wealthy, educated and independent women such as Phoebe joined the early Christian movement, gained leadership skills and influenced the church with their gifts and graces. Deaconesses, as a lay order, trace their roots to Phoebe. The role of deaconess in the Methodist Episcopal Church was formally recognized in 1888.

The deaconess movement started in the early 20th century for United Methodist Women predecessor organizations and continues even today. Deaconesses and home missioners are called to ministries of love, justice and service. Deaconesses and home missioners function through diverse forms of service directed toward the world to make Jesus Christ known in the fullness of his ministry and mission.

LaRhoda Neher, hostess, served Raspberry Zinger Poke Cake.

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LaRhoda Neher

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