Zion United Methodist Women and guest Joyce Brockhoff met at Vintage Park at 2 p.m. on July 11. Hazel Steely, president, welcomed those in attendance. All repeated the UMW Purpose. Hazel lead in prayer for those on the joy and concern list. From the Prayer Calendar Hazel read a prayer by a United Methodist Regional Missionary. The June minutes were approved as corrected. Marilyn Wehrman, treasurer, presented the June report. Communications received were a thank you from the Koppa family and the Back Pack Program for the UMW Sunday Offering of $255. A nomination committee report was given by Beverly Holder.

LaRhoda Neher gave devotions, “Cleaning the Microwave” scripture I Samuel 16:7. Rosemary Schooler gave a report from the Response magazine, “Snack Shower in Kansas.” McCurdy Ministries in New Mexico was started by United Brethren Deaconess Mellie Perkins in 1912 who named the school after her Spanish teacher and is now supported by United Methodist Women. The Ives Chapel UMW in Baldwin City, KS sponsored the project of collecting snacks for the students who come for counseling and support group programs for the school.

Dates to Remember:

July 11 – Basket Dinner following worship service honoring new minister Darlene Sheffer. There will be a pound shower for her.

August 1 – Next UMW meeting, gathering at the Bread Bowl restaurant at 9:00 a.m. Notice change of date and place.

Closing thought:

“Some people fall for everything and stand for nothing.”

The program, ”Women Rising Up Native Americans” was given by LaRhoda. The lesson focused on 2 Samuel 21:7-14, the story of Rizpah, a concubine of King Saul and remained in the hands of tribal war powers. Her silent protest gives face to plight of many “faceless” people who die of war, famine, disease and violence. In 1823 the Doctrine of Discovery became part of U.S. federal law and was used to dispossess Native peoples of their land. The doctrine tolerates broken treaties and promises, and produces a host of vocabulary, actions, and attitudes that name some powerful and others less than human. Native Americans across the United States still face gross disrespect, exclusion and exploitation. As Thom White Wolf Fassett states: “The church’s role in the subjugation of American Native people is palpable. Only as we immerse ourselves in the history of the United States and role of the Christian church in the societies of Native Americans will we be able to emerge with a new understanding of our own identity as people of faith.”

Rosemary Schooler, hostess, served delicious lemon lush for refreshments.

— Submitted by

LaRhoda Neher

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