A night in the Brown County Jail could have been a blessing in disguise for an 88-year-old Horton man who has been cited for a code violation for the condition of his building downtown.

Kenneth Knudson, owner of Knudson Jewelry at 107 W. Eighth St., was ordered to spend one night in jail after being charged with contempt of court in Horton Municipal Court. But since, people are coming out of the woodwork to offer him help.

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Sandy in cali

Mr. Knudson, I've set up a fundraiser for you and hopefully we can help you with your situation. Here is the page: http://www.youcaring.com/other/help-wwii-veteran-restore-his-building-and-pay-city-fine-/122835.

If anyone would like to donate please visit the above site and you can make a donation.


So, Mr. Knudson had ALL year to make arrangements with a local contractor, setting up a payment plan, even cashing out some of his on-hand jewelry stock to get the ball rolling, and STILL didn't present the court with as much as a contractor's estimate? Yet, the first thing he says when he's put in jail is "I'm a WWII vet - I'm being mistreated". No, I don't think someone of his age and experience should be in jail. For some people, the entire idea that they have to go to jail could set off a whole myriad of events, including a heart attack. However, I think the man was expecting to be given a pass because of his community service, his military service and his age. Did he even once mention the woman who was jailed at the same time? Or is it only he who should be treated with kid gloves? I have all the respect in the world for those who put themselves in harm's way during the 2nd great war. Especially those who are still with us and productive as Mr. Knudson obviously is. But, that does not give him carte blanche to not even attempt to make arrangements to keep his building from tumbling down and killing someone. The nation saw what can happen with the Salvation Army store in Philadelphia just last year.

So, Sandy in cali - will some of your money be helping the elderly woman as well who was jailed for the same thing? Or do only veterans who make themselves known qualify?

Do I sound bitter? Maybe. And, I apologize because I'm really not normally like this. But, after having read the entire story, I fail to see how Mr. Knudson could have gone all year without making any effort to at least make a plan of action. If any of the rest of us did that, a lien would be put on our property and/or wages.


You must be having a bad day, chatombreux. Why take it out on Mr. Knudson? You actually think his building is going to fall down and kill someone?


Judge Riley needs to lighten up (he is coming off like Judge Smails from Caddyshack). I understand that the Courts have to deal with contempt, but this seems more like an old guy who does not have the money to make repairs. Are we back to work houses and debtor prisons for 88 year old WWII veterans? This is just wrong.

I hope people in the community can step up and help Mr. Knudson.

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