The Big Kansas Road Trip that was to feature Brown, Doniphan and Nemaha counties has been postponed from May 7-10 until September 10-13 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision was made by the Kansas Sampler Foundation and BKRT county leaders after consult with local governments.

Designed to bring people into rural communities in a tri-county open-house style, most of the activities planned for the May dates can still happen in September.

“We asked communities to simply be good at being themselves and that can happen with some variation at any time,” said Foundation director Marci Penner.

The September date was chosen to avoid the Doniphan County flea markets, the U.S. 36 Treasure Hunt, the Hiawatha Maple Leaf Festival, the Hiawatha Halloween Parade, fall harvest and other area events.

At the time of the decision the 50-page BKRT guide had already been printed. The guides will be distributed now in August with an affixed label stating the new dates. The events listed in the guide will be the May dates. Updated information will be found on day programs distributed at information centers September 10-13 and on the official web site, bigkansasroadtrip.com site.

As time goes on, the web site and the Facebook page, as well as local communication sources, will be the place to look for news about the September date.

“Though locals and people around the state are disappointed with the postponement, it seems that everyone understands. It will be grand to get together in these three counties when once again we all feel comfortable to explore, eat in restaurants, shop in the stores, and enjoy the people of Brown, Doniphan and Nemaha counties,” Penner said.

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