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Virginia Freese with the Hiawatha Community Foundation presents a $9,000 check to John Howard and other board members with the Cemetery District Board. Pictured from left, board members Larry Weast, John Howard, Steve Winter, Virginia Freese and board member Dave Wilson. Not pictured is board member Deb Schuetz.

The Hiawatha Cemetery District recently a $9,000 check from funds raised through the Hiawatha Community Foundation.

John Howard, with the Cemetery District, said money was raised from a fund established through the Foundation’s Match Day last Memorial Weekend. People were able to make donations to nearly two dozen groups or fund-raising efforts and the funds were matched, thanks to money sponsored by the HCF.

Howard said the Foundation provides a great resource to build up the community, while allowing an opportunity for people and groups to make tax deductible donations.

“It’s a good way to support the community, whether it’s ball fields, Little Hands, the Hospital, the cemeteries or others,” he said. “The Hiawatha Community Foundation is a huge asset and fund-raising part of our community.”

The money for the Cemetery District is going toward replacing trees that were taken out due to age or damage from storms at both Mount Hope and Hiawatha cemeteries.

“Our idea is that when we lose something, we replace and improve,” he said. “That’s the goal, is to make those cemeteries be better than they have been.”

He said funds will also be used to help with headstone repairs or other permanent needs including resurfacing the roads through both cemeteries.

The Hiawatha Community Foundation is gearing up for the Memorial Weekend Match Day again. Go to www.hiawathacf.org for more information about the foundation or the Match Day.

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