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The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Chairman Dwight A. Kruse, Keith Olsen, and Richard L. Lehmkuhl.

The Brown County Commissioners met Monday morning in regular session and held several closed door sessions to interview candidate for the position of Road and Bridge secretary.

The commissioners voted to offer the position to one of the candidates, which they will announce if the candidate accepts the position.

Interim Road and Bridge Secretary Melissa Gormley discussed summer chip and seal projects and was advised to plan to continue as a normal year — including helping the local school districts chip and seal the parking lots they needed. The projects could not be completed last year because of turnover of county staff last summer.

In other business:

Noxious Weed Director, George Bruning, presented the 2021 Annual Noxious Weed Eradication Progress Reports to the commission for signatures. Bruning also reported that the shag tractor at the landfill has a blown motor. The commission requested Bruning research options for replacement.

Brown County Appraiser, Steve Markham, introduced himself to the new commissioners.

The commissioners voted to approve the Feb. 1 minutes with the following correction: Chris Denner, Director, sent a letter requesting to be reassigned to the Assistant Director position and move Vicki Hubin from the Assistant Director to the Director position. Motion by Lamar Shoemaker to accept Chris Denner as Assistant Director and Vicki Hubin as Director of the Community Corrections effective January 24, 2021, to coincide with payroll dates. Seconded by William Pollock. Motion carried. Seconded by William Pollock. Motion carried.

The commissioners voted to approve a Cereal Malt Beverage license for Grandview Oil Company, located at 2134 330th Street.

Commissioner Lehmkuhl would like to visit the capital outlay plans and balances of the county departments.

County Clerk, Dawn Boyles, presented the 2020 Audited Premium Statement Invoice for the commission’s approval. The commissioners approved the payment.

County Clerk, Dawn Boyles, updated the commission on fraudulent activity affecting county employees.

Commissioner, Richard Lehmkuhl, confirmed the county did receive a letter from Dan Paternoster about his concerns in regards to the proposed poultry facility.

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