Hiawatha High School’s Nathan Wright is hosting a corn picking event co-sponsored by the Brown County Historical Society/Ag Museum for part of his FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience Project.

The event “Do it 1950’s Style” will be held at a family member’s farm this year, due to restrictions from COVID-19, and will be on Saturday, Oct. 31. This is the HHS senior’s second year for the project.

Last year, around 50 people came to take part in the event — watching the old machinery in action. Visitors witnessed antique equipment like an Allis Chalmers WD-45, a Case corn chopper/picker, and a Massey Harris self-propelled picker, among others, harvest and haul the corn. The Ag Museum’s trolley was even towed next to the field so onlookers could get a close view of the equipment in action.

At the end of the day, Wright was able to present a check of $2,115.08 to Gary Shear and Larry Day of the Brown County Ag Museum.

Wright said he especially enjoyed the history of the day, noting that all four of his great-grandfathers were Brown Count farmers and he was excited to use equipment that they once used to harvest.

The corn picking day will start at 11 a.m. at the family farm of Nathan’s grandparents — 2095 Kestrel Rd., 2.4 miles south of the Walmart turn. Bring a picker, box wagon with hoist and vintage tractors. Call the Brown County Historical Society at 742-3330 or by email at bchsdirect@gmail.com for more information. Social distancing and masks are requested.

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