Photos by Joey May

Photos by Joey May

Photo by Joey May

The Brown County Courthouse.

The Brown County Commission met last Monday, and the group was presented with budget requests from various entities around the county.

Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill presented a 2024 budget request for $186,000 for the County Attorney's Office, while Brown County Sherriff John Merchant presented a request for $997,482 for the Sherriff's Office, $600,715 for Sherriff Dispatch, $735,708 for the County Jail, $46,338.50 for  Courthouse Security and $100,000 for 911.  Don Pounds presented a request for $96,575 for Brown County Emergency Management, with Shelby Donahoo of KANZA Mental Health presenting a request for $71,604 for KANZA and $17,711 for a Brown County Stabilization Center.  The Brown County District Court presented a request for $163,100, with a request for for $45,000 for the 4 County District Court budget, with Brown County's share being $11,461.50, which was approved by the Commission.  A request for $141,020 was presented for the Brown County Services for the Elderly.  HFED submitted a request for $25,000, with the Horton Industrial Development Committee also requesting $25,000.  The Brown County Historical Society requested $65,000, with the Commissioner's Budget presented at $846,970, and the Brown County Conservation budget requested at $35,000.  The Road and Bridge Department submitted a budget request for $4,200,582.  A request for $272,000 was submitted for the Brown County Treasurer, with a request for $65,000 coming in for the Brown County Health Department.  The Courthouse Janitor budget request came in at $264,970, with a request for $700,000 presented for Ambulance Services, and $15,000 for the Brown County Rescue Squad.  BCDS presented a request for $27,052 with Brown County Extension requesting $125,000 and $10,500 for Fare Premium funds.  The Register of Deeds requested $107,650, with the Courthouse IT Department requesting $252,260, the County Appraiser requesting $306,150, and the Noxious Weed Department requesting $163,320.  The Solid Waste Department requested $1,130,670, with the County Clerk requesting $175,722, the Election Office requesting $158,520 and a request submitted for $1,665,500 for Employee Benefits.

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