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The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Chairman Dwight A. Kruse, Keith Olsen, and Richard L. Lehmkuhl.

The Brown County Commissioners met Monday and discussed stop signs throughout the county that have been stolen.

Commissioner Richard Lehmkuhl said several had gone missing his district and he knows that has expanded to other areas in the county. He noted that several more went missing over the weekend.

The commissioners discussed issues this cause with safety and replacement of the stop signs could get costly.

The commissioners agreed they wanted to possibly offer a small reward for information leading to the recovery of the stop signs or implicating persons responsible. They asked Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill to draft up a notice with a reward for their review at next Monday’s meeting.

In other business:

Brown County Appraiser, Steve Markham, introduced Brittany Johnson, the new data collector in his office.

Road and Bridge Secretary, Tami Lehmkuhl, requested clarification on the CDL requirements for the road and bridge department positions. The commission suggested it state: CDL required for position and must obtain within a reasonable amount of time.

The commissioners went into two Executive Sessions for 15 minutes each for the purpose of interviewing a candidate for an open position.

The commission voted approve the liquor license for Mission Lake County Club. Seconded by Lamar Shoemaker. The commission voted to approve a cereal malt beverage license for Golden Eagle Casino.

The commission voted to sign the letter of acceptance and understanding from Gordon CPA.

The commission voted to approve Resolution 2021-09 to support and defend the 2nd Amendment to the United State Constitution, in memory of Roy Johansen who just days before his passing on April 25, 2021, suggested along with others that Brown County reaffirm our support of the Constitution of the United States and in particular the 2nd Amendment.

The commission voted to join the National Association of Counties.

The commission went into an Executive Session for 5 minutes with County Clerk Dawn Boyles present for a discussion on non-elected personnel. No binding action was taken.

The commission voted to allow County Clerk, Dawn Boyles, to secure the ARPA funds.

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