The Brown County Commission voted Monday morning to fire its emergency management director.

James Stuart had been hired to fill the position starting April 22. Last week, he was suspended one week without pay, following a closed door session.

This week, the commission held five closed door sessions during the meeting. The first two were with Sheriff John Merchant and Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill for 5 minutes each, followed by a 10-minute closed door session. Another five minute session followed and a 3-minute session for the fifth and final executive session.

Following the final session, Commissioner Dwight Kruse made a motion to terminate Stuart, effective immediately. Seconded by Richard Lehmkuhl, the motion carried.

Commissioner Keith Olsen, and chairman of the board, said the commissioners planned to review the other seven applicants from the initial job posting and select two to be interviewed at the July 1 meeting.

In other business:

❯ Sheriff John Merchant reported there are 13 male inmates and five female inmates in the county jail. Sheriff Merchant also gave an update on the Highway 36 and Highway 75 traffic. Sheriff Merchant stated there would be a press release later this week on the purchase of the new Ford Raptor at the Sheriff’s Department.

❯ Nancy Gafford, RDA Executive Director, discussed the Brown Nemaha Solid Waste Program. Motion by Dwight Kruse to allow RDA to write a Brown Nemaha Solid waste Program plan. Seconded by Keith Olsen. Motion carried.

❯ Tax change orders 2018-127 through 2018-129 were signed and approved.

❯ The commissioners reviewed and signed the KWORCC inspection.

❯ The commissioner signed the State of Kansas PUblic Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Joinder Agreement and the Supplement to Joinder Agreement.

❯ Motion by Dwight Kruse to sign Resolution 2019-12, authorizing a deferred compensation plan for the employees of Brown County. Seconded by Keith Olsen. Motion carried.

❯ County Clerk Melissa Gormley discussed the Bereavement policy with the commissioners.

❯ County Clerk Melissa Gormley updated the commissioners on the new time keeping system that has a go live date of July 10.

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