Incumbent Dwight Kruse

The following is a question-and-answer session with incumbent Dwight Kruse for the position of District 3 Brown County Commissioner.

Q. Share with us about yourself and your family.

A. I am a lifelong resident of Brown County. I graduated from Hiawatha High School and went on to Kansas State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in ag economics. Upon graduation, I returned to the family farm where I engaged in both crops and cattle production. My wife, Charlotte, and I have two grown, married children and two granddaughters who also live in Brown County. After attending and graduating from Kansas State University, I moved back to Brown County (Morrill and Fairview area) to farm with my father and begin my family. Prior to being elected as Brown County Commissioner in 2016, I served on the Fairview City Council and the Walnut Township Cemetery Board as well as the Fairview-Walnut Fire Board.

Q. What, in your opinion, are the positives or benefits of living in Brown County? What are your chief criticisms?

A. Brown County offers a sound quality of life with good neighbors and friends. The people of Brown County care about each other. There are limited opportunities to attract youth back to this area to work and raise a family.

Q. What are the most important responsibilities of a county commissioner?

A. As a Brown County Commissioner, I believe the most important responsibilities include listening to the people, being a good steward of taxpayer money and responding to the needs of the citizens.

Q. What experience and/or training qualifies you for this position?

A. Serving on several local boards and committees has given me the opportunity to work with the public, listen to the people’s concerns and make sound decisions. I have also managed my farming business through the ups and downs of the agricultural economy.

Q. What do you think are the three most important issues that need to be addressed in Brown County in the near future? Explain why, and what you would do to address those issues if elected.

A. If re-elected as a Brown County Commissioner, issues that will need to be addressed include maintaining our current infrastructure, local health care cost and ensuring adequate emergency services for the county.

Focusing on the infrastructure is important because the volume of traffic continues to increase as well as the weight of loads. The cost of health care also continues to rise at a much faster rate than inflation. In order to keep these costs manageable, this will be a topic that will need to be focused on at the county level. Volunteer emergency medical personnel within the county need to be adequately compensated in order to serve the patrons of the county in their time of need.

Q. Explain some of your most notable achievements as a professional in the county (political or otherwise).

A. Over the past four years I feel that I have worked for the people of Brown County by keeping the mill levy at one of the lowest levels in the state as well as listening to the constituents of Brown County.

Q. What plans for the improvement of Brown County do you hope to see fulfilled if you were to be elected? What do you hope to accomplish during your time as county commissioner?

A. As a county commissioner I hope to continue to create a proactive, forward-looking county for the people. I hope to fulfill the needs of the people of Brown County.

Q. Why should constituents vote for you in the upcoming election?

A. If re-elected as county commissioner, I will listen to all constituents with an open mind and will take the time to serve the people of the 3rd district. I will be responsible for the needs of the citizens.

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