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Kieran Culkin wants to move to the UK.

The 'Succession' actor would jump at the chance to move to London but his British wife, Jazz Charlton, isn't so keen, so his ideal scenario would be to land a short-term job in England in the hope of persuading his spouse - with whom he has two children - to make the move more permanent.

Asked if he'd consider relocating to the UK, he told the Observer New Review: "I want to. I try to talk Jazz into it all the time but she has a love-hate relationship with London.

"It’s the same relationship she has with her mother. She can talk s*** about it all the live long day but if I say one bad word about it, she defends it.

"But I love it [in Britain]. My goal is to land a job in the West End for six months or something, just to get her here temporarily at first."

The 39-year-old stars finds it "itchy and irritating" seeing actors try desperately to be liked at work, because he insisted it is "fun" to play unlikeable roles.

He said: "I cringe so hard if I’m on-set, the camera rolls and I see an actor’s face change because they just really want people to like them. It’s so itchy and irritating.

"You just want mommy to like you? Some characters are supposed to be a piece of s***. Just be unlikable, it’s fun."

And Kieran is still uncomfortable with fame and can't understand why anyone would actually pursue a life in the public eye.

He added: "As for fame, I think most people, if they really saw it close up, would go, 'This is awful.'

"Well-adjusted people wouldn’t pursue the celebrity aspect. It changes your life and not usually in a positive way.

"I’m getting recognised more now and trying not to let it bother me. It bugs me if people surreptitiously take pictures of my wife or kids. Otherwise, I just try to live my normal life."

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