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Sir Rod Stewart loves to shop at high-street stores.

The 76-year-old singer is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 250 million records worldwide - but he still likes to do his shopping on the high street.

The London-born star - who is married to 50-year-old model Penny Lancaster - told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I love Zara. I love the cut of their clothes. I can just grab trousers and a jacket and put it on and it looks good."

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker has made millions during his music career, but previously confessed that he's "never happy with what [he's] got".

Rod admitted he's always striving to achieve more, despite the success he's already enjoyed.

He explained: "I love change, I need it. I change everything – my old ladies, cars, everything. See, it's because I'm never happy with what I've got. I always want something better.

"It's like I always want the music to be better, and the records to be better. You've got to be honest with yourself and I'm being honest when I say I always need something more all the time."

Rod - who has been married to Penny since 2007 - also confessed to being a "materialist at heart".

He shared: "I suppose people think I've got everything I want. In a way I have. But I'm not that bad, I never forget the people that put me there ... Of course I'm still a materialist at heart.

"I haven't set myself a lifestyle I've got to have for the rest of my life because I realize things can go wrong. I mean, something's bound to happen pretty soon. I've been too lucky. I've been a golden boy for too long."

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