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Horton City Hall can be seen in this undated photo.

The Horton City Commission met for the second time in January, hearing purchase requests and sharing concerns regarding the Horton Fire Department.

Randy Mayfield spoke on behalf of the department, requesting purchasing authority for a 1993 aerial truck for $25,000, as well as an air compressor for SCBA gear for $15,370.98. The fire department voted to provide half the cost of the compressor assembly. The Commission discussed the request for a while, with Commissioner Wade Edwards expressing concern that high value items were not included in the annual budget. Edwards said he has no doubt that the items are needed, but the lack of planning was an issue. The Commission voted to pay to hold the truck until the next meeting, while City Administrator John Calhoon approaches local banks about financing.

Brown County Emergency Director Don Pounds was presented, and informed the Commission that law enforcement personnel and firefighters are eligible to receive the Moderna vaccine on February 16th at the Fisher Center. On February 23rd and 25th, the vaccine will be available at the Horton Armory for anyone age 65 or older.

There was further discussion of city employees who are also on the volunteer fire squad responding to fires during work hours. Calhoon said that he does not want a negative image of the fire department in the public eye, but that balance must be struck to provide the best emergency service possible. Mayor Bryan Stirton said that all calls have been reviews and nothing out of compliance has taken place.

The commission read a Boy Scout Proclamation, declaring Feb. 7 through the 13th as Scouts-BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Anniversary Week. The Commission approved repairs to a city backhoe truck not to exceed $3850.00. Also approved was a payment to USDA for the sewer project in the amount of $226,071.76.

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