Kekoa Fujimori

Kekoa Fujimori

A former Hiawatha man is being held in Alaska on a felony Brown County warrant charging him with three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill sent a press release Wednesday afternoon stating that Kekoa Fujimori, 24, formerly of Hiawatha, was arrested by the Juneau Police Department in Juneau, Alaska Tuesday night on the Brown County warrant.

Hill said that in late May 2020, the Hiawatha Police Department received information pertaining to an electronically facilitated crime in Hiawatha.

“An Inquisition (a procedure in Kansas were a county attorney can file pleadings in District Court wherein subpoenas can be issued and witnesses can be called for discovery purposes) was opened by the Brown County Attorney’s Office and numerous subpoenas for information and documents were submitted to mobile and internet providers with the assistance of the Hiawatha Police Department,” Hill said in his news release.

The Hiawatha Police Department, with the assistance of the Brown County Attorney, then applied for and obtained a search warrant for digital evidence. On June 13, the Hiawatha Police Department, with the assistance of Brown County Sheriff deputies, served a search warrant at a residence located in Hiawatha.

Officers with Kansas Highway Patrol Troop N and the U.S. Secret Service assisted the mobile forensics unit of the Hiawatha Police Department in analyzing a large amount of digital evidence from digital media seized in the search warrant. Hill said, following their analysis, a criminal complaint was filed in the District Court of Brown County, charging Fujimori with three felony counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Hill said at this time, Fujimori is contesting extradition back to the State of Kansas and the Brown County Attorney’s Office has begun the process for extraditing him to the State of Kansas from the State of Alaska. He is currently being held on a $100,000 bond at Lemon Creek Correctional in Alaska.

Hill said Fujimori was previously employed by Brown County Special Education Interlocal 615, working at the Hiawatha Elementary School as a Special Education paraprofessional.

“However, law enforcement officials indicate that their investigation has not revealed any students being the victim of any charged offenses at this time,” Hill said.

Both the Hiawatha Police Department and the Brown County Attorney’s Office are members of the Kansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force based in Wichita.

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