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Horton City Hall can be seen in this undated photo.

City Employees Josh Haverkamp and Carol Stirton were recognized at the Horton City Commission meeting earlier this month for exemplary efforts above and beyond their daily duties. Both received appreciate awards and $25 in Chamber Bucks.

Haverkamp spent five days running the city’s generators at the electric plant following an extended period of sub-zero temperatures in February. His dedication, and that of other city employees who pitched in, saved the city and residents between $600,000 to $900,000.

Stirton was recognized for her work taking extended time in running down information on property line concerns with the school district on the proposed baseball complex. Without being asked, Stirton researched ordinances, poeprty maps an making calls with the County Appraiser’s Office, eventually finding that he property in question had been vacated in 1953. She is currently the City’s most longstanding employee, serving as Deputy Clerk, among other duties.

City Administrator John Calhoon informed the Commission that the city will be receiving approximately $235,000 in American Rescue Plan funds from the US Treasury. The money will be distributed in two payments, one year apart, with a spending deadline of December 31, 2024. The city will seek guidance from the Treasury on how the funds can be spent.

Calhoon also announced that final preparations are being completed at the city pool, and it will be filled soon. He also said that several applications have come in for city employment. Calhoon has hired a seasonal mower and interviewed an applicant with a Wastewater III Certificate, but the city could not offer the amount the prospect wanted. Calhoon also said that he heard from Tim Lentz, who informed him that the goal in donation funds for the new ball fields has been reached, wit ha donation of $48,000 putting the number over the top. A $25,000 donation was also made to the school district to help fund the new sports teams.

Commissioner Wade Edwards informed the group that after much deliberation he will not be seeking reelection in the upcoming election.

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