Heather Vernon

Courtesy of Heartland Realty

Heather Vernon is a new licensed Realtor for Heartland Realty in Hiawatha.

Heartland Realty in Hiawatha has a new face.

Heather Vernon recently joined the Hiawatha-based company as a licensed Realtor.

“As a life long resident of NE Kansas I am committed to serving the needs of my community,” Vernon said. “I have been a business owner since 2004 and involved in a wide range of local activities and volunteer work.”

Vernon said she married a lifelong Northeast Kansas man in 2004 and they chose to raise their four sons in rural Hiawatha, instilling in them a strong sense of community and integrity.

“My passion for real estate was sparked in 2012 when I began studying the local market in regards to real estate investment and serving the surrounding area through rental properties and property management,” she said. “I joined the Heartland Realty team in 2019 as a licensed Realtor, with a strong drive to team with the community and bring growth, commerce and quality housing for NE Kansas. Whether residential, commercial or agricultural, I am working hard to meet the needs of our customers and community.”

Heartland Realty is celebrating 20 years as a Realtor, said owner Sheila Schwalm, who said she is also on the look out for a potential agent.

“One day, Heather and I were chatting about other stuff and it hit me, so I mentioned it to her and it was just meant to be!” Schwalm said. “The timing was right nd the plan God had for us both worked!!”

Schwalm said Vernon is young, goal-oriented, driven and a go-getter!

“She is not afraid of much and will do great things,” Schwalm said. “She is not afraid of much and will do great things. She is also a very caring person, she truly wants to help people! She is going to be a fantastic fit here!”

Schwalm said Heartland Realty already covers Brown, Doniphan and Nemaha counties and reaches into Atchison as well as Jackson counties too.

Heartland Realty has also sold and listed properties in the counties of Douglas, Jefferson, Riley, Shawnee, Johnson and Pottawatomie.

“We are busy and intend to stay that way,” Schwalm said. “Heather is just adding to our already great mix with Jim Faunce, myself and Wanda manning the desk.”

Contact Vernon at (785) 861-5895 or at the Heartland Realty office at (785) 742-3618. For more information about local listings through Heartland Realty go to www.heartland-realty.com.

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