Despite a relatively early date for the Fall Homecoming dance, HHS students are preparing for a week filled with creativity, spirit, and fun. The festivities are set to begin on Monday the 9th and will end with the dance on Friday evening.

This year’s homecoming candidates have become a group of very familiar faces throughout their four years at HHS. The queen candidates are Jaye Hrencher, Kaysi Overdick, and August Koerperich. All three senior girls are members of the volleyball team, as well as many other sports and activities throughout the year. Your homecoming king candidates are Michael Abeita, Tyler Brockhoff, and Michael Moreno. Brockhoff and Moreno are senior captains of the football team, while Abeita is manager of the girl’s tennis team and Student Body President.

The candidates expressed excitement and gratitude at being nominated as members of the Homecoming Royalty Court.

“I’m so excited to be nominated for Homecoming,” says Jaye Hrencher, “Just the spirit week in all is my favorite thing. I can’t wait to dress up with all my friends and party at that dance!”

Kaysi Overdick expressed more of the same: “I’m super pumped up, I love Homecoming week!”

As always, homecoming week is filled to the brim with many activities in which the students hope to earn spirit points. Every area counts; from floats and hallways, to participation in spirit days, attendance at the home volleyball game on Tuesday, and the results of the Bonfire Games. The class with the most points by Friday’s football game is crowned the champion of Homecoming week.

This year’s theme, selected by HHS Student Council, is “Red Hawk Game Night.” Each of the four classes is given a specific board game upon which they will base both their float and their hallway decorations for the week. The freshmen claim The Game of Life, the sophomore game is Monopoly, the junior choice is Clue, and the seniors select Candy Land. A panel of judges will inspect their hallways and floats, and the classes will earn spirit points based upon their performance.

In addition to the hallways and floats, the classes will participate in the annual Bonfire Games Thursday night at the High School. Each class will select members from their grade to compete in various games. The classes have also chosen HHS teachers to compete in a few special events, with a potential to earn them up to double the spirit points for their class.

Don’t be surprised if you see USD 415 students on their way to and from school this week, dressed in rather interesting attire. Each year, STUCO selects a theme for each day that the students to dress according to. For the high school students: Monday is color day (where each class dresses in a different color), Tuesday is Aloha day, Wednesday is Patriot day, Thursday is Greek day, and Friday, as per tradition, is Red and Blue day. The Middle and Elementary schools are also participating in spirit days, albeit with different themes for each day.

The floats, students, and Homecoming Royalty will make their debut on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. as they parade throughout Hiawatha, making stops downtown and at the Elementary School. Your 2019-2020 Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening, and the showdown on the football field with Nemaha Central will begin at 7 p.m. Finally, the dance will begin 30 minutes after the end of the game.

We’re excited to see all the many ways HHS shows their Red Hawk pride this Homecoming week!

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