With Fall Homecoming right around the corner, the Hiawatha Red Hawks are gearing up for a week full of competition, camaraderie, and football beginning on Monday and ending on Friday with the homecoming dance.

Inside the high school, you can expect to be taken all around the world in one building. Zootopia, the year’s homecoming theme, breaks down the grades into four different biomes: the Senior Sea, Junior Jurassic, Sophomore Safari and the Frozen Freshmen. These themes will be put into action as classes compete against one another in hallway decorating and float building.

Throughout homecoming week, Red Hawks will take part in multiple spirit days in which students will dress according to predetermined themes. On Monday, students will don their holiday gear and get in the festive spirit for Holiday Day. Tuesday, students will be recreating beloved six second videos on Vine and Meme Day.

On Wednesday, you can expect to see your local students out and about as Red Hawks get down to business in lieu of a costume for Community Service Day. Coordinating with the 2018 homecoming theme Zootopia, on Thursday students can be seen dressed as their favorite animals for Animal Day. Friday, as per tradition, the Red Hawks will be donning the red and blue to prepare for the Friday night lights as the Hiawatha football team takes on the Sabetha Bluejays at home.

Before we find out who will prevail on the turf, we will see who wins a different competition as the Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned at 6:30 p.m. This year in the running for homecoming queen, you can expect to see some familiar faces as Mary Rosá, Regan Riley and Elizabeth Kettler face off for the crown.

“I’m honored to represent my own student body and community through my candidacy and couldn’t be more excited, especially with the number of great people in my class,” said Kettler, expressing gratitude at her nomination.

Kaiser Isaac, Brode Jones and Andrew Woods are king candidates for this year’s fall homecoming and you can expect to see them all on the field and on the dance floor. Woods describes the feeling of being nominated as “fantastic” and goes on to say “it feels great to know that my school nominated me and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.”

With homecoming week fast approaching, Hiawatha High School will be full of surprises as your local students prepare and partake in a busy week with action around every corner.

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