Hiawatha Municipal Court actions for the month of March 2020, Ted Collins, Judge.

Fines listed (except seatbelt violations) are in addition to court costs of $100.00 on each case.

Kenneth Blide, Hiawatha – Disorderly Conduct $100.00

Zachariah Brown, Hiawatha – Interference/LEO $250.00

Nick Chilson, Hiawatha – Speeding 55/30 $125.00

Lucinda Keebler Dreher, Hiawatha – No Proof Insurance – Court Cost Only

Billy Hatfield, Sabetha – Expired Registration $75.00

Natasha Herrera, Hiawatha – Possession of Marijuana $250.00

Alyssa Moeller, Hiawatha – Endangering Child Court Attorney fee and Court Cost Only

Benjamin Preston, Horton – Speeding 33/20 Court Cost Only

Brianna Shelly, Hiawatha – Speeding 35/30 $75.00

Nathan Simpson, Hiawatha – Parking Disabled Vehicle Court Cost Only

Levi Duncan, Kansas City MO – Possession Marijuana $750.00; Possession Paraphernalia $250.00, KBI Lab Fee $400.00

Tina Keyes, Ulysses – Junked Motor Vehicle Court Cost Only

Christian Lehl, Hiawatha – Speeding 41/20 $78.00, No Drivers License (ID Only) $75.00

David Shannon, Hiawatha – Minor In Consumption – Entered Diversion Cost of $425.00

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