Hiawatha Municipal Court actions for the month of July 2021, Ted Collins, Judge.

Fines listed (except seatbelt violations) are in addition to court costs of $100.00 on each case.

Louis Aberle, Sabetha – Speeding 38/20 $99.00

Clifford Baker, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Wanda Barrett, Topeka – Improper Turn $75.00

Janice Benson, Hiawatha – Speeding 40/30 $75.00

Christy Clark, Wetmore – No Seat Belt $30.00

Travis Davis, Hiawatha - Criminal Damage $50.00

Christine Doty, Hiawatha – Speeding 39/30 $75.00

Michael Gaskell, Horton – Speeding 30.20 $75.00

Judy Johnson, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Chad Martin, Englewood CO – Speeding 40/30 $75.00

Christian Nieves, Hiawatha – Speeding 25/20 $75.00

Donald Peuker, Leona – No Seat Belt $30.00

Adam Ramsey, Horton – Disorderly Conduct $100.00

Steven Schler, Hiawatha – Theft Court Cost Only

Kevin/Bobbi Waggoner – Hiawatha – Derelict Vehicle Court Cost Only

Clarissa Wagner, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Kimberly Wagner, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Dennis Wenger, Powhattan, No Seat Belt $30.00

Cameron Whitaker, Horton – No Seat Belt $30.00

Maggie Wisdom, Falls City NE – Speeding 40/30 $75.00

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