Hiawatha Municipal Court actions for the month of April 2021, Ted Collins, Judge.

Fines listed (except seatbelt violations) are in addition to court costs of $100.00 on each case.

Monte Adkins, Leonardville – No Seat Belt $30.00

David Allen, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Riley Aversman, Atchison – DUI – Entered Diversion $750.00 Diversion Fee, $250.00, KBI Lab Fee, $400.00, Blood Draw $33.00

Zachary Engelken, Seneca – No Seat Belt $30.00

Michael Fetty, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Guyon Grier, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Alex Handke, Powhattan – Speeding 39/20 $102.00

Leroy Hanesworth, Hiawatha – Improper Passing on Right $75.00

Mathew Hawks, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt $30.00

Mayra Heidemen, Bern – No Seat Belt $30.00

Jason Herrera, Horton – Drive W/O lights Court Cost Only

Rhiannon Hill, Sabetha – Speeding 35/30 $75.00

David Johnson, Horton – No Proof Insurance; Dismissed with Proof, No Seat Belt $30.00

Donald Lee, Hiawatha – No Seat Belt 430.00

Kiatona Turner, Hiawatha – Texting While Driving $75.00

Andrew Walker, Horton – Possession Marijuana $250.00

Mason Ward, Hiawatha – Speeding 45/30 $90.00

Dakota Wilhite, Hiawatha – Speeding 44/30 $87.00

Elaine Moore, Hiawatha – Animal At Large Court Cost Only

Jane Nioce, Hiawatha – Disorderly Conduct Court Cost Only

Jane Nioce, Hiawatha – Battery on LEO $250.00

Steven Wakolee, Horton – DUI $750.00, KBI Lab Fee $400.00

Steven Wakolee, Horton – Pedestrian Under Influence Court Cost Only

Jaimie Wardrup, Horton – No Proof Insurance $300.00, Reinstate Fee $81.00

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