05/27/19 thru 06/09/19

Monday, May 27

1:49am — officers arrested Amy Harkness, 51yrs. City, on an outstanding warrant.

3:26pm — officers arrested a local juvenile for possession of illegal narcotics

Tuesday, May 28

2:29pm officers were called to the 200blk N 7th for a domestic disturbance

5:20pm — officers were dispatched to the 700blk Hopi Dr. for a theft

Wednesday, May 29

3:03pm — officers arrested Blake Westcott, 23yrs. City on an outstanding warrant

7:47pm — officers took a found property report in the 400blk Kickapoo

Thursday, May 30

1:30am — officers arrested Waymon Hamilton, 47yrs, Belton, MO.

3:30pm — officer dispatched to a forgery in the 1400blk N 1st.

4:54pm — officers responded to a harassment call in the 100blk S 12th

Friday, May 31

12:07am — officers were called to the 1400blk N. 1st for a harassment report

8:27pm — officers responded to the 100blk S 12th for a domestic disturbance

9:27pm — officers were dispatched to the area of 400blk Delaware for a theft -

Saturday, June 1

7:50pm — officers worked a non-injury accident in the 900 blk of N 6th

10:17pm — officers responded to 700blk Hopi for a theft report while there, Officers arrested Stephanie Lowry, 29yrs. of St. Joe, MO.

Sunday, June 2

12:20pm — officers arrested David Gager, 24, City, on an outstanding warrant -

Monday, June 3

1:02pm — officers took a theft report in the 1200blk Oregon St.

3:17pm — officers took a burglary report in the 400blk Pottawatomie

Tuesday, June 4

2:50pm — officers responded to the 400blk Shawnee for a burglary report

3:30pm — officers responded to a non-injury accident in the 1400blk N 1st

6:21pm — officers responded to a non-injury accident in the 700blk Hopi Dr.

9:04pm — officers arrested Jane Nioce, 30yrs., city, on outstanding warrants

Wednesday, June 5

5:00pm — officers took a forgery report in the 700blk Hopi Drive.

9:52am — officers took a battery report in the 400blk N 3rd.

4:07pm — officers arrested Sissy Wilson, 35yrs., City on an outstanding warrant

4:31pm — officers arrested Jane Nioce 30yrs. city on an outstanding warrant

4:42pm — officers arrested Brian Zentner 42yrs. city, on an outstanding warrant

Thursday, June 6

1:25pm — officers arrested Jordan Pallesen, 43yrs, city, on an outstanding warrant

Friday, June 7

9:53pm — officers took a criminal trespass report in the 200blk Oregon.

Saturday, June 8

1:21pm — officers worked a private property accident in the 700blkk Hopi Dr. 5:42pm — officers took a criminal damage to property report in the 800blk S 7th

Sunday, June 9

11:01pm -officers took a criminal trespass report in the 1700blk W. Iowa

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