HOPE Brown County is a local group formed to provide support to cancer residents of Brown County.

Although there are many national and state organizations raising money for research into cancer, there are very few resources that truly stay to help local patients who have received these diagnoses. The group is providing direct donations to Brown County residents, who have been diagnosed with cancer. These funds are provided to support the cancer patient to defer medical costs or to help with groceries, rent, laundry, house cleaning, travel expenses or any other need with no strings attached, no questions asked, and no paperwork required.

The previous local cancer fund, the Missy Newell Memorial Fund, which had helped Brown County cancer patients with over $162,000 over the last 19 years has recently disbanded, and those involved felt the need to continue this benefit for our community; to be the helping hands of HOPE.

Local donations to the HOPE Brown County fund can be made by contacting one of the committee members. Citizen’s State Bank of Hiawatha will hold responsibility for the account and be collecting and distributing donations from the fund.

If anyone knows of someone who could use our help, please contact one of the committee members. The only criteria are that the recipient be diagnosed with any type cancer and be a resident of Brown County.

”We can’t do everything, but we can do something.” ~ Edward Everett Hale

About Us

All committee members are residents of Brown County: Donna and Tom Schmitz, Bev and Jay Brock, Courtney and Mike Riley, Jean and Tim Abeita, Del and Denise Elffner.

Contact: HOPE Brown County c/o Citizens State Bank 610 Oregon St. Hiawatha KS 66434. Phone numbers: Donna Schmitz: (785) 288-0579; Bev Brock (758) 741-0785; Courtney Riley: (785) 547-5826; Jean Abeita: (785) 741-3638

Email and website for more information and for electronic donations will be ready after Jan. 1, 2020.

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