Several local talented musicians came together Sunday at the Brown County Historical Society’s Memorial Auditorium for a performance to benefit the Huntington’s Disease Foundation.

Sunday’s benefit concert is one of many that are held every few years and organized by Judi Bruning in memory and honor of her husband Jim and his family members — H.C., Gordon, Gary and Jeff Bruning — who had all suffered from Huntington’s Disease — a rare condition that is inherited in which a person’s nerve cells in the brain break down over time. There is so far not a cure, but Bruning said there have been many new clinical trials and a lot of hope that also brings awareness to this disease.

Sunday’s concert was a tribute to a local woman, Sadie Chapin, who is currently a victim of Huntington’s Disease.

Performances on Sunday included a variety of individual vocal and instrumental pieces, with the entire group coming together for a few selections that Bruning said she felt was about hope for a future — something she and her family kept faith in.

Performers included Cindy Barnes, Jessie Brintnall, Carol Bunning, Alec Cowley, Glenda Foley, Natalie Hackler, Sarah Kleopfer, Spencer Madison, Josh May, Shane spangler and Mary Thompson. Mike Riley served as emcee for the event and Gil Bunning was on sound.

Judi Bruning and her family wanted to share the following with the community in appreciation of their support:

”We want to extend a huge thank you to all who helped make the 2019 Huntington’s Disease Benefit Concert a success. A big thanks to Joey May and the Hiawatha World, KNZA and Falls City Radio Stations, and Rainbow Communication for advertising. Special thanks to Lynn and Alex Allen of the Brown County Historical Society for their tremendous help and for the use of the auditorium. Thank you Mike Riley for serving as Master of Ceremonies, Gil Bunning for running the sound and lights, Debbie Terry for providing the beautiful flower arrangements, and Wanda Bryan and Marsha Camblin for greeting. Our community is very blessed with outstanding talent. We want to sincerely thank each of the performers...Cindy Barnes, Jessie Brintnall, Carol Bunning, Alec Cowley, Glenda Foley, Natalie Hackler, Sarah Kleopfer, Spencer Madison, Josh May, Shane Spangler, and Mary Thompson. Your performances were amazing. And we especially want to thank all of you who attended and donated to our efforts to help put a stop to Huntington’s Disease.”

Most Sincerely,

Judi Bruning and Family

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