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After denying a request to provide rip rap along the shore of Mission Lake at private residences, the Horton City Commission heard from one of the homeowners directly, but again turned away the request.

Janice Crider, who owns a home on the northeast end of Mission Lake, was present to discuss the request, stating that she has lost between six and eight feet of shoreline that has washed away in the years since her family has purchased the home. While Crider lives outside of town, she said she is a big taxpayer in town, and asked what could be done since the lake itself if city-owned. Commissioner Rex West shared his position that the need for rip rap on public property is extensive and ongoing.

It was also discussed that there is no public access to the land and it has no public uses. Commissioner West made a motion to make usable rip rap material available to other entities or individuals if there is a surplus once 100 percent of the city’s needs and obligations are met. The motion passed, with the requirement that all hauling, loading and use being the responsibility of the recipient.

Duke Koerperich of Town and Country EMS was present to discuss concerns about the reduced ambulance services in Horton in recent months. Koerperich informed the commission that many of the surrounding counties are having the same problems. Koerperich shared that services are having a hard time finding qualified applications for EMTs.

The commission made a change to an awarded bid, rescinding their material hauling bid award from Stirton Bros. Trucking, and granted to Approved Paving LLC, who was previously awarded the bid for chip and seal. A hauling component that was not previously seen in the Approved Paving bid created a situation that the city could save money. Darrin Stirton of Stirton Bros. has been informed, and is not happy. The commission voted to draft a letter to Stirton explaining the new information as well as apologizing for the misunderstanding and inconvenience.

The commission also announced a Public Meeting on July 5 for the abatement of properties, as well as another Public Hearing for closing out Grant No. 20-CV-030. Public Works Superintendent Randy Mayfield informed the commission that KDHE was notified about blue-green algae at Mission Lake and will test twice over the coming weeks.

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