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The Horton City Commission met earlier this month and returned to a discussion of non-monetary fringe benefits the city could offer employees.

City Administrator John Calhoon brought a list of benefits, as previously requested, including swimming pool passes, discounted Blue Building rental rates, seasonal boating and jet ski passes and free 14-day camping spots. The commission decided that they were in favor of implementing the list, but asked Calhoon to get feedback on taxable income on the benefits from the city auditor.

Calhoon also shared a discussion he had with Gary Gibb and Mike Lowe, who have moved back to the community. The pair would like to purchase exercise equipment to help kids progress in athletics, but would need a place to utilize them. The city will check with their insurance carrier to be sure it would be covered if the equipment was placed at the Armory, and will need to draft a Memorandum of Understanding with Gibb and Lowe that they will supervise use of the equipment and make sure the facility is clean and safe.

The Commission voted to approve proper signatures for the Grantee Release Form and Certificate of Completion for the CDBG-CV funds the city received in the amount of $167,000. The funds were for the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response Supplement proved by the CARES Act. The funds were used for economic development and meal programs.

Also approved was a resolution required to make the city eligible for FEMA funds, as well as a resolution agreeing to Kansas County Association Multiline Pool bylaws and interlocal agreement. KCAMP is the city’s liability insurance carrier, and also offers attorney assistance, safety-related annual allowances and online training.

Commissioner Wade Edwards voiced several concerns at the meeting, including what he sees as individual agendas that affect city programs. Edwards would like to see the city’s projects prioritized in some way so that there is a set order of completion. Edwards also said that there have been misunderstandings about what the commission has said in meetings, and how it has been interpreted and misquoted. He challenges local citizens to take what is said at city meetings at face value, instead of trying to read their own interpretations into what is said.

Commissioner Kenn Krug stated his concerns about the state of the Little Lake, particularly in the northeast corner. Krug said that the city could get a drag line to come in and deepen them out, but that more improvements are needed in that area, as well.

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