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The Horton City Commission met for their first November session, and returned to the subject of local bidder preferences.

A Weighted Local Preference Policy for Formal Sealed Bids has been a topic of interest in recent months, with definitions and exact numbers getting hashed out. The group finally settled on an agreement and voted to approve a 2 1/2 percent preference for local bidders with their primary business address located within 3 miles of the city limits of the City of Horton.

The weighted bidding process is subject to requirements, including that the local vendor must comply with bidding procedures, the bid selected must still constitute the lowest and best bid, and that the policy is not applicable to purchases involving grant funds.

City Administrator John Calhoon addressed the commission, stating that new Police Officer Travis Thomas has started with the city. Calhoon also gave an overview of the expenditure report and where the 2020 budgets currently stand, noting that there will need to be a crackdown on spending, though some purchases simply need to be made.

Calhoon discussed the Water Supply Contract with Rodney Paden that was approved in 2019. Per the request of Paden, City Attorney Kevin Hill drafted a contract for customers that are affected by the master water meter located at 2 RR No. 1. The agreement outlined the responsibilities and obligations of each household that currently have water being delivered to the master meter. Calhoon said that an increase would be coming to the bills of those households, as Paden will no longer pay the difference between the master meter and the customer meter.

There was brief discussion of a fireman who was injured on the job, which Administrator Calhoon confirmed. Commissioner Ken Krug reminded the group the Firefighters Relief Fund can be used for loss of wages, travel to hospitals and other costs when a fireman is hurt on the job.

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